It feels the same as 2018/19 – but it is all very different

Tottenham gave us a glimmer of up losing at home time Brighton in the early kick off.

By 5pm that hope was diminished after we lost to Southampton.

On another day, Arsenal would have scored 3 or 4. But lacking in form and facing an inform keeper we went down one to nothing.

The end of this season is feeling very much like the end of 2018/19.

Top 4 in our hands, only to let it slip in the closing stages

In the 2018/19 run in, we failed to beat the likes of Crystal Palace, Brighton, Leicester City, Tottenham, Wolves and Everton.

This season it is a similar standard (and names) that have caused our downfall – Palace, Brighton and Southampton.

There is a reason why Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester United are all battling out for 4th whilst Chelsea are clear in 3rd – and Manchester City and Liverpool competing for the top – it is the results against those mid-table teams.

But whilst this season is beginning to mirror 2018/19, is does also feel very different.

Most of us had us down for 5th or 6th at the start of the season.

But we now have a squad that we can build on rather than having shit we need to sell before we buy.

In the summer of 2019 we blogged a lot about how many under performing players we had – the likes of Ozil, Mustafi, Bellerin, Sokratis, Koscielny, Iwobi, Kolasinac and more.

It felt like there was more players on the “sell” (or deadwood”) list than the keep.

Right now there is a lot more positivity despite our form as it feels like we are a club going somewhere.

We have consistently put out the youngest team in the Premier League this year; and you can probably count the “deadwood” on one hand.

This summer it will be about who we can add to this squad rather than who we need to get rid. And that is the important difference.

We add a couple of new strikers, some new creativity and steel in the middle and we are transformed.

This is an Arsenal squad moving forward. 2018/19 was an Arsenal squad moving backwards.

So keep your head up. The end of the season might be tough but there is plenty to be excited about.

We were saddened to see the passing of former chief scout Steve Rowley following a short illness.

Steve spent nearly 40 years with the club, first as a part-time scout scouring Essex (where he discovered Tony Adams and Ray Parlour) and then progressing through to being the main man.

Our thoughts are with Steve’s family. A true Arsenal man.

Enjoy the last day of a bank holiday weekend.



2 thoughts on “It feels the same as 2018/19 – but it is all very different

  1. Johnno

    Sad to hear about Steve Rowley, we lost a proper Arsenal man there. Pretty much agree with the rest of the article, the skeleton squad has come back to bite us but I`m not going to moan too much about it. I`ve been calling for a complete rebuild for at least 5 years and I`d rather slip up with young players who are hungry to improve than a load of flash cunts on big dough going through the motions.
    Saturday was a disastrous defeat, we should have won the game comfortably but their keeper always reserves his best performance of the year for us. Still, it shows how far we still have to go to become a top side. After seeing the yids slip up, a serious team would have turned up and rolled Southampton over. Onto Chelsea now, if we get beat there then I think it really is all over. Got to take at least 5 points from these next 3 games to keep ourselves in the hunt.



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