Being top 4 for four games artificially raised Arsenal fans expectations

Before the season started, most fans talked about our target was to finish 6th; and with it a return to European football.

When the transfer window shut – with players shipped out and no-one bought in – Arsenal were 6th in the league.

At the time of writing this blog. We are 6th in the league. So why all the negativity?

At the beginning of the season, no one was really speaking of a top 4 finish.

When the transfer window shut, no one was speaking of a top 4 finish.

It is only after we were 4th in the league for just four game weeks in a row that we began talking about 4th.

History has now been re-written with fans blaming Edu and Arteta for failing to make signings in January which cost us too 4. But we were not looking at top 4 in January.

The irony is, it is those players Edu and Arteta backed in January, took the risk on, that drove us to show title winning form and climb the table into 4th.

Did the post-January form give us (including me) false hope that we were better than what we was? Clearly it did.

So Arsenal are back in 6th. Where we all expected us to be at the beginning of the season. Where we were when we let Aubameyang leave. And where we will probably finish at the end of the season.

With the youngest squad in England and a return of European football, we can build from him.

In the summer go and back the 4 or 5 new signings we need. Add to what is a talented and ambitious young squad. And then the target is top 4.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


1 thought on “Being top 4 for four games artificially raised Arsenal fans expectations

  1. bathgooner

    Spot on. Our hopes and expectations were raised by that good run while those around of us threw points away. Some Gooners were so carried away that they even spoke of third place being our new target. However, everything eventually reverts to the mean. This group is clearly not ready for Champions League football, helpful though that would be in attracting top level signings, but they must turn their trajectory around and ensure we secure a Europa League place.



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