Eriksen, Emery, West Ham and Aubameyang


Not much happening in Arsenal World right now. This seems to be the way this season with no European football.

The lack of mid-week football means less discussions about upcoming games, less pre-match press conferences and less post-match analysis. As a blog that does not get involved in the world of regurgitated transfer BS, it often gives us little to talk about.

I wrote a blog on Tuesday about how Arsenal should target Christian Eriksen.

It was slightly written in jest, in an attempt to wind up that lot up the road. But also had some truth in it.

On the back of the Eriksen article, a few people mentioned we did not need him as we had Martin Odergaard. This missed the point.

Next season we will have some sort of European football. That means we will need a deeper squad.

Mikel Arteta has spoken about wanting to get back to a 22-man outfield playing squad. That will require 7-8 new faces.

It is basically 2 players for every position, and some change.

We can not expect Odergaard to play 50+ games next season. We will ned to purchase some cover (and competition) for him.

Erisken ticked a lot of boxed to be that man.

Premier League experience, quality, and would not expect (or be able to) play every single game.

Even if we take Erisken out of the equation, we still need to purchase a creative midfielder that can shadow Odergaard and potentially replace Granit Xhaka if we wish to be more attacking.

Expect us to bring in 6 or 7 new faces this summer as we improve the first team and strengthen the squad.

I see Unai Emery revision is still going on.

He is doing a fantastic job at Villareal in the Champions League. But in La Liga his side currently sit 7th.

This is typical for an Emery side.

He seems to be able to get teams performing well in Europe and in the cups, but is unable to get the consistency required in the league.

As we have previously blogged, Emery is a good manager, he was just not the right manager for Arsenal.

Tonight, West Ham play in Europe. I for one hope they get a positive result which leads them to resting their entire first team on Sunday against us.

Final thing of note. I thought everything had gone quiet on those crying over Aubameyang.

He has scored just 2 goals in their last 7 games. Is the honeymoon over?

Enjoy your Thursday.



3 thoughts on “Eriksen, Emery, West Ham and Aubameyang

  1. Rob Kelman

    Emery is all about defence: they’ve hardly scored any goals in Europe; he’s got no attacking cred at all, which is why he failed at arsenal – Liverpool trounced Villarreal last night and will slaughter them next week


  2. Johnno

    Agree about the `ol Appy Ammers. Want them to get a narrow win tonight and pick up a few knocks in the process. Hopefully they`ll do the right thing on Sunday and play a load of young kids and reserves. Actually don`t mind West Ham, one of the few Premier League clubs I can stomach and it`ll be good to see them play my second team in the final. UTA. WATP.



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