Youngest Manager, Youngest Squad – We Grow Together

I am confident about the weekend. That probably means an upset is on the cards.

On paper, Arsenal should beat Leeds United at home and Liverpool should thrash Tottenham at Anfield.

If results fall that way Arsenal will be 5 points clear in the race for 4th place.

But this season has been filled with shock results and, with 4 games to go, I expect their to be at least one twist and another turn in the race for 4th.

That could happen this weekend if Tottenham repeat their performance against Manchester City in February.

We all expected Man City to make it 4 defeats in a row for Tottenham which would have resulted in Spurs being 8th in the league and well off the pace. Tottenham won 3-2.

What sums the season up is the next weekend they lost to Burnley.

Even if results go as expected this weekend, I still think there will be a slip up from either Arsenal or Tottenham in one those last two games.

Our trip to Newcastle has “banana skin” written all over it.

They have been one of the in-form Premier League sides since the turn of the year and will look to finish the season off with a flourish in their last home game of the season.

So even if we go 5 points clear this weekend, we still have 2 tough away trips in the last 3 games.

It also would not surprise me if Tottenham failed to beat Burnley and both North London sides end up limping over the line.

In other breaking news, Mikel Arteta has signed a new deal. This will upset the minority but is widely supported by the majority.

A couple of people have said “why have we not waited until the end of the season”. I do not understand this mindset.

Yes, the season is not over, but finishing 4th or 5th should not dictate the decision on Arteta’s future.

He is clearly the right man for the job right now and as Manchester United have shown, there are not many good managers currently on the market.

It is also clear and obvious that the dressing backs him 100%.

In the last 18 months we have got rid of the disrupters. Those that would not listen and whose ego’s made them belief they were above Arteta, and above Arsenal.

We have the youngster squad in the Premier League playing under the youngest manager in the league.,

The new contract for Arteta will see him grow alongside the likes of Bukayo Saka and Martin Odergaard. And as they grow together, The Arsenal will grow.

Onwards and upwards.



2 thoughts on “Youngest Manager, Youngest Squad – We Grow Together

  1. Bob

    Keenos, thank you for your positive thought.

    All of our matches starting from Chelsea are tough. Those are good for our young lads to feel a glimpse of what it takes to be a ‘big team’. Tough game every week. Will they be able to grit their teeth and fight until the last minute to wrap results? Because that what is needed to become UCL participant next season. We should learn one or two from Real Madrid though. That is mentality of a big team.

    I laugh at our schedule. Leeds? They will fight until their last breath on the field. Tottenham? It is everything about 4th place and North London dignity. Newcastle? Does anyone remember not so long ago they are under relegated threat? Now they are above Vieira’s team, whereas some pundit says he had done a better job than Arteta. Everton? Their performance against Chelsea is amazing. They will fight until the last drop of their blood.

    I am hoping for the toughest situation toward Arsenal. That’s the only way to grow as a team. Arsenal may contribute to relegation of some biggest team. Arsenal may crumble under pressure. But one thing for sure, Arsenal will grow.



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