Arsenal right to stay well clear of Bissouma

And just like that, these pointless post-season international friendlies are over.

At the time of writing I am on the Jubilee line home. I am 6 beers in and have no idea what the England score is. Not do I care. All I know is it is over now.

What a horribly pointless tournament.

Every international manager ended up playing massively changed XIs as they realised players had just run out of steam. Time to get rid of the tournament.

In other news Tottenham look set to sign Yves Bissouma.

I was always uncomfortable with our links to him.

As far as I know the fella has not yet been cleared of some horrendous charges.

Brighton have clearly been pimping him around England in the hope of cashing in.

The scary thing about football at times is there is always a club willing to take a player on regardless of what he has allegedly done. This is an example of that.

Bissouma is still facing some really crazy charges – yet Spurs are paying £25m on him.

It might not end up in tears; but I am just glad Arsenal showed little interest.

It is that time of year where I have to remind people to ignore Twitter ITK’s.

In the last week, I have seen some fella with 50k+ followers claim that Gabriel Jesus to Arsenal is “nearly done”, that Gabriel Jesus to Chelsea is “nearly done” and the Gabriel Jesus to Tottenham is “nearly done”.

Questions need to be asked about these middle-aged fellas that spend their days in their bedroom shouting at a camera in the hope teenage boys follow them.

We won the cricket. I’m in Canning Town. I think. It’s still light outside. Might go for a beer.

Enjoy your Wednesday



13 thoughts on “Arsenal right to stay well clear of Bissouma

  1. Davey

    Wake up Arsenal the spuds have CL football and are improving their squad with Athletic physical players and the manager knows what he wants and is a winner- BTW I am not a Spurs fan I am a true Arsenal fan and a realist.


  2. Johnno

    Spot on. The Arsenal should be looking to sign men of good character, not dirty fucking nonces like Bissouma. Won`t be long before he`s caught doing it again, animals like that never change.


    1. Neil

      So you missed the fact that he was released from all bail restrictions in January, unlike the other person arrested whose bail has been extended to June 24th?


  3. seasider

    He hasnt been charged with anything he was only arrested. Been over a year and he is no longer on bail. Might want to choose your words more carefully.


  4. Neil

    You are aware that Bissouma was released from all bail restrictions in January, right? Whereas the other person arrested has had his bail conditions extended once again until June 24th.


  5. Terry Allan

    And what charges are these that are so “horrendous“ that the police and CPS have allowed him to continue to be a free man and travel to Africa to represent Mali!???

    Sounds like sour grapes to me.


  6. Rian

    Do you want some fries with your salt?

    You think Levy would spend even £25 on him if he wasn’t clear of all charges, let alone £25m?

    It’s all falling apart for you and you lot can’t accept how clear Spurs are of you now. 7 years now you haven’t finished above us, dated stadium, clueless manager and bang average squad. Must hurt looking over at Spurs and seeing that amazing stadium, world class manager, squad and training facilities.


  7. Gary Heathfield

    You do know that Bissouma, not only has not been charged with any offence, and, in fact is not even on bail? The guy he was arrested with, is on bail. Bissouma is ‘under investigation’ but, more likely is a witness to a sexual assault. A young woman had her backside slapped,Bissouma was in the vicinity.
    BHAFC have not been ‘pumping’ ’ him around, the club wanted him to sign a new deal, but unfortunately, he wants Champions League football, which counts you out, and that is why he turned you down for your rivals.


  8. Sir Fondflick

    Bissouma has been totally cleared of your pathetic ‘horrendous charges’. A student arse was pinched in a nightclub.

    Perhaps you should look at a lesser player in your midfield for a REAL horrendous crime.

    Karma is a bitch.

    Party on.



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