Awful England and Torreira Woes

Morning all and happy Thursday.

I see that the usual suspects are still complaining about our “lack” of transfer business.

The majority of those complaining have “TV” in their Twitter handle or a YouTube channel in their bio. I guess they need to “create” content somehow. And with their very limited knowledge on football, complaining about transfer and spreading transfer gossip is the easiest way they can earn a couple of quid.

The fall-out to England’s dismal Nations League continues and the consensus seems to be that it is all Bukayo Saka and Aaron Ramsdale’s fault.

If you lose 4-0 at home to Hungary, it is not really one players fault. It is the entire team and management.

The finger pointing at Ramsdale in particular just seems churlish.

England failed to score from open play in any of the 4 fixtures.

Against Hungary we has 2 shots on target – both from John Stones.

Harry Kane – the greatest striker to ever grace the game – has had 4 shots on target in 4 games. Raheem Sterling just the one. Harry Maguire seemed to forget how to defend and Southgate continued to play right backs at left back. It was rank football from an exhausted team.

So lets not just blame a single player just because he plays for a team you do not like. It was everyone’s fault. Manager included.

Back to transfers and we have a very frustrated player in Lucas Torreira.

He went to Fiorentina and had a good season – starting 25 Serie A games as the Italian side had their highest finish in 6 seasons.

Despite having and option to buy of just £15m, Fiorentina have decided to not make the transfer permanent.

Torreira’s recent quotes would indicate that he has been lied to by the Fiorentina hierarchy, meaning if this was a ploy by them to drive down his price they have probably only ended up alienating.

I do feel for Torreira.

His big move to Arsenal did not work out as he failed to settle in London. He then had an average loan spell at Atletico Madrid. It looked like he had found a home back in Italy, but then Fiorentina pull the deal.

I hope he finds a new home next season – even if it is a temporary one again.

He is clearly a good player and a good person. I wish him well.

Enjoy your Thursday.



2 thoughts on “Awful England and Torreira Woes

  1. theghostinside

    Great article as always. This blog is one of a few very rare gems (alongside with Untold Arsenal) that are run by people who understand football and fight the negativity spread by the media and the majority of the plastic fan blogs.



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