Arsenal quietly doing transfer business whilst others make noise

And that is how transfers happen.

Whilst many of you were moaning about the lack of transfer business from Arsenal barely a week into the window, or complaining how slow Arsenal do deals compared to Liverpool, Edu and his team were quietly working away.

The impending (at the time of writing) transfer of Fabio Vieira does show everyone up as know-nothings.

All them twitter accounts, bloggers and bloggers that spend their minutes, hours and days linking us with players (then moaning we had not signed them). Well where was your source when it came to Vieira?

“Negotiations FC” I have some some label us due to the press constantly saying we were in negotiations with one player or another. “just pay the asking price” some cried.

Well Arsenal have managed to negotiate Vieira’s initial price tag down from his €50m release clause to €35m.

By negotiating transfers, it leaves us an additional €15m in the pot in comparison to if we just signed the player for his release clause.

Now I am not going to pretend to know anything about Vieira.

All I know about him is he isn’t a big black lad from Senegal. Nor did he once play for Fleetwood Town. But he is a 22-year-old midfielder (according to Wikipedia) who fits in with the sort of player Edu and Mikel Arteta have been focusing on.

If you were still confused about what “the process” was and what our transfer strategy is then maybe it is time to stop spouting rubbish?

We move quietly. We move quickly. We move forward together.



8 thoughts on “Arsenal quietly doing transfer business whilst others make noise

  1. Didrik Plehn

    I love the way we are moving and making distractions, while hunting elsewhere 😉 I’m convinced that we will have a strong squad when starting next season 🔴⚪️


  2. Joel

    If the “Process” involves a scattergun approach to transfer business buying players that are not required and selling players for a fraction of their worth then we should all get behind this supposed “Process”.
    Please could someone explain why we needed to spend £30m on an unproven attacking midfielder who will nominally compete for a place alongside Odergaard,ESR and in the longer term Patino.This at a time when our biggest rivals managed to buy one of the PLs best defensive midfielders for £5m less than Edu has agreed to fork out for Vieira.If anyone believes that Arsenal can make do with an injury prone Thomas Partey backed up by Mo Elneny to drive our team through opposition defensive lines and to protect our own back line through an intense PL Season,3 Cup Competitions and a World Cup then they need to get their head examined.
    Tielemans and Bissouma would have brought much needed experience and control to our midfield options but as things stand I’m not sure we’ll end up with either….But we could have another hard running,non-goalscoring centre forward joining us fairly soon…Whoopee!….Gabriel Jesus is most definitely Alexander Lacazette 2.0!..8 league goals in 28 appearances…half of which were all in the same game…He does,however,work very hard and believes that Arteta is a great coach!


    1. Ben

      I could try and explain but from the tone of your comment I’m not sure you’ll listen… so in the meantime may I humbly suggest take a deep breath anddon’t despair – at the moment you’re just projecting a negative view onto everything. See what happens. If the transfer window makes you so stressed and negative, perhaps turn off the Internet until the football starts! Remember it’s only a game! Enjoy it


    2. Johnmike

      Joel your kind of mentality could be very injurious to your health,so once the Arsenal board are not in tone with the kinds of player you and the media want us to get means every other player Arsenal buys are useless to you right? The Nunez Liverpool bought that you are clapping for them what make you think is better than the Vieira we are buying or what make think H.Halaand will be a hit in the EPL than G.Jesus? ,etc. How pathetic are some of you Arsenal fans?


  3. Granit Xhaka: Arsenal legend

    Summary: ‘I’ve never even heard of this player, but I am certain it’s great business because it was done quietly and I hear we got him cheaper than they wanted.’


  4. Tony Ikpo

    Funny comment Joel. You obviously know better than the professional manager who sees players day in day out.
    Like Ben says, we could explain the process to you BUT you are incapable of listening since you have definite opinions about a player you have never watched let alone heard about.
    We trust those we pay to scout and manage our team. We cannot rely on know nothing’s who expect Arsenal to be run on media speculations.
    The season can’t begin soon enough.



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