Arsenal focusing on top young talent whilst Spurs become Free Transfer & Loan FC

The window is barely a week old and Arsenal are continuing the strategy of 2021.

Fabio Vieira has been added to Marquinhos as Edu and Mikel Arteta continue their Arsenal rebuild – focusing on young, hungry players who want to learn and develop.

Meanwhile, up the road Tottenham seem to be following our policy of 2017-19.

Their signings have very much been in the “short term here and now” mould of Antonio Conte.

The Italian has a reputation of going into clubs, demanding “oven ready” transfers and then leaving after a couple of years. He usually departs with trophies, but also leaves behind a lot of ageing players on big contracts.

Spurs have already sign Ivan Perisic (33) and Fraser Forster (34) on free transfers. They are also being heavily linked with Christian Eriksen (30) on a free.

It shows a club that does not have a pot to piss in. One that is trying to do much of its business through free transfers and loan deals – kicking the transfer debt down the road.

They have to spend £80m on making the Dejan Kuluveski and Cristian Romero dead permanent. That is £80m spent of just keeping the squad at the same standard as last year. And £80m less than can be spent this summer.

They have spent a bit of money on Yves Bissouma, securing the midfielder in a cut price deal following some horrendous allegations that hang over him. The rest of their transfer dealing will turn them into Loan FC or Free Transfer FC.

In recent years, Arsenal tried to recruit ready made senior players in Stephan Litchsteiner, Willian, David Luiz, Sokratis and more. Add in the loans of Denis Suarez and 2017-2019 will go down as one of our worst periods in the transfer market.

It has taken a few years for us to be able to undo that work and it is exciting the new path we are going down.

Tottenham might not feel the “Conte affect” on the transfer window until after he is gone.

A squad filled with ageing former stars and loanees is not a squad that can be built on for the future.

The future is what Arsenal are doing.



30 thoughts on “Arsenal focusing on top young talent whilst Spurs become Free Transfer & Loan FC

  1. DAS

    Mind the gap……could just as easily spin a debate about how Arsenal’s buys are hit and miss leaving severe weaknesses in half our squad. I’d rather be Spurs right now, sad to say


    1. Hitchinspurs

      Djed Spence about to sign (age 22), bissouma (age 25) seems at odds with what you are saying.

      Perisic is only on a 2 year contract. Again at odds with this…


  2. Nigel

    personally I think all match made in heaven Spurs fans are contes now gonna have a great team full of old contes, lead by one of biggest cheating contes going…. Finally the contes have what they deserve


  3. Floydy

    Bentancur Kulusevski and Romero all for the future. Forster British, back up GK and free
    Perisic back up, experienced and free. All to free up funds for players like Bissouma, Spence, Martinez or Richarlson. Meanwhile Arsenal are having to pay over the top to convince unknown players to join… 3 years into the Arteta ‘strategy’ and you bottled it in a season where spurs sacked their manager mid season. This kind of article is hilarious. Good to know Arsenal fans are collectively crapping their pants.


  4. Johnno

    Have to agree about the kangas. Conte will only be there another 2 years max and then he`ll be on his way to bigger and better things. He`ll leave behind him a massively increased wage bill and an ageing squad. The next manager will then have to come in and gut it and start a complete rebuild similar to what Arteta has faced. These next 2 years are massive for the kangas, if they don`t win anything major or fail to qualify for the CL then they`re going to be in a massive hole in a few years time.
    As for The Arse, we`re going to need a bit of luck in the transfer window. I don`t know anything about the kid from Brazil or this geezer from Porto, hopefully they both work out. Whatever happens, I think we`ll improve again next season but I`ve said it on here before, we could improve dramatically and still finish lower down the table. That`s the nature of todays Premier League.


  5. Lee

    Sad, sad Arsenal fan. Been in our shadow for what 10 year plus, as bad as Man U fans still thinking they’re something 😂


    1. Gaz

      “in our shadow” 😂😂

      Give it up mate you’re having a laugh

      Spuds haven’t got a pot to piss in and will continue to as so. I don’t know what’s more hilarious; believing you have been better than a rebuilding arsenal with no trophies to show for it or, spuds fans believing conte will actually achieve something at Shite Heart Lane. Hilarious club with delusional fans. Arsenal get ahead of themselves a lot but you will forever be spursy


      1. Gio

        You have been rebuilding for the best part of a decade. How long is it gonna take mate??
        Eddie Nketiah is your new no:14.Is that what you mean by rebuilding?? Wait, wasn’t that Thierry Henry’s shirt number? sounds like downgrading to me
        But hey, i suppose finishing 5th is progress. you must be proud


      2. Stew

        Ok Gaz, I’ll try to have an ‘adult’ discussion here.
        For 20 odd years THFC had to suffer the shame of being behind AFC. I look back at the likes of Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Viera, Seaman, Rocastle (RIP), Wright, Adams, Petit, etc & compare them to now – Nketiah, Martinelli, Xhaka, Tavares, Soares, Pepe, Holding & all the other obscure squad players I can’t even remember their names?
        Rebuild? Edu & Arteta need a serious word with themselves if they believe a lot of the players recruited are of AFC quality, as they’re not even West Ham standard.
        AFC are actually spiralling downwards at present, it’s FIVE years since they last qualified for UCL & it’s SIX years since they finished above THFC. They are both damning facts on the current state of AFC as a club & in one of the above comments, an honest Gooner admits it!
        Edu & Arteta are NOT the ‘dream team’ to improve AFC & no Gooner should be happy with settling for mediocrity & only near top 4 finishes.
        So you can say/think/believe what you please about THFC but they ARE currently a better performing & financed club than AFC.


      3. Gaz's Auntie Betty

        Sorry to burst your bubble Gaz but there’s another team in North London that are now ‘Spursy’, and they wear red!


      4. Dixta

        We were the opposite of Spursy last year whilst the Woolwich epitomised it! Gaz u r a funny punter.


  6. Matt

    What a ridiculous article you mugs really do clutch at straws, what a forward line you possess Nketiah and Martinelli haha neither score goals, Saka over hyped goes missing against top teams, next your tell us this Fabio Viera is a world beater ffs, only players you’ll get is the ones nobody else wants or has heard of that’s a fact.


  7. Mark

    Haha hardly. Perisic on a free for experience …. Maybe you could of done with that to get you over the line for top 4. Bentancur 24, kulisevski 23, bissouma 25. Hardly old signings, Lewis just pumped 150 mill in to the club, sour grapes or what keep looking above you hahahah COYS


  8. Lewri

    Why would we spend money on younger, untried players for the future when we have such a rich talent in our academy..
    The only problem we have is keeping them all happy and patient.
    The Arse rebuild us because they have such medeocre players in the first 11.


  9. Gio

    Why do arse fans always have to mention the mighty Spurs. Some kind of inferiority complex which you are desperate to compensate for by trying to berate the transfer dealings of Tottenham. Yes, arsenal are inferior to Spurs at the current moment in time as shown by the league positions the last 6 years. And you only got close last season cos you had no European football to distract and tire the players so they were relatively fresh compared to the rest of the so called top 6. Add to the fact that Spurs have a coach in Antonio Conte that you guys were dying for a few years back. Arteta out Conte in!! I recall the cries with amusement. But surely you must be pleased with your transfer dealings over the last few years.
    2022 Vieira…he’s the player we’ve been waiting for
    2021 Odegaard…he’s the player we’ve been waiting for
    2020 Partey….he’s the player we’ve been waiting for
    2019 Pepe….he’s the player we’ve been waiting for
    2018 Torreira….he’s the player we’ve been waiting for etc etc etc…..
    maybe you should scrutinise your own clubs failure in the transfer market
    I leave you with one final thought. Eddie Nketiah has signed a new £100k deal and is proudly wearing the no,14 shirt. Thierry Henry’s old shirt number. That’s something to contemplate…


  10. DAS

    Can we stop all the “Spurs are old, Arsenal are young” rubbish…..Spurs average age of squad was only 1.5 years more than Arsenal last season! Perisic and Forster were signed to add experience as Lloris is the only other player 30 or over! Emerson 22, Sessegnon 22, Reguilon 25, Romero 24, Rodon 24, Sanchez 25, Tanganga 23, Bentancur 24, Skipp 21, Hojbjerg 25, Kulusevski 22, Bergwijn 24, yeah that’s an ageing squad not! Adding the likes of Spence, Bremer, Bastoni, Bissouma, Richardson, Antony etc ain’t going to age the squad either! But let’s not let facts stand in the way…….


  11. I can’t believe what I’ve just read 😂

    What a weird article. A 34 yr old back up keeper is hardly cause for concern and adding some experience isn’t exactly negative.

    I notice you’ve really cherry picked the players to create this article. You focused on Eriksen, who were linked to but ignored the 25 yr old Bissouma who we gave actually signed. If you are going to include linked players in your ‘Arteta is amazing’ propaganda article then lets include the most linked players:

    Djed Spence: 21
    Bastoni: 23
    Pau Torres: 23
    Bremer: 25
    Martinez: 24
    Gvardiol: 20

    Last window signed:
    Romero: 23

    In January signed
    Kulusevski: 21
    Bentancaur: 24

    But yeah, spot on, Arteta and Edu are geniuses for taking 3 years to get you from 8th to 5th 😂


  12. Big Dave

    When it comes to ageing players on big contracts, you need look no further than Arsenal. In the last couple of seasons we’ve seen both Mesut Özil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and numerous others depart Arsenal on huge salaries. As for Spurs not having a pot to piss in, everything about Spurs at the moment in terms of facilities, manager and current playing squad is years ahead of Arsenal. Buying young, hungry players as you put it is all well and good, but they have to be of a certain quality, Albert Lokonga and Nuno Tavares looked completely out of their depth at times last season. The truth is that Arsenal and Mikel Arteta can only attract young unproven players and that’s because proven ‘’oven ready‘’ players simply don’t want to go there. Enjoy the Europa League next season 😂


  13. Rob Holding's rage therapist

    Arsenal spend EUR 40m on a 22 year old who has only ever played in Portugal. Spurs sign Kulusevski, a 22 year old from the Italian league who has had a record start in terms of assists, for EUR 30m – yes, on loan but with a guaranteed permanent deal – and broker the deal in a way that the money doesn’t need to be paid immediately, allowing them to invest in other players now to build a squad to challenge (so that by the time they have to pay, the transfer has paid for itself). And Spurs are the stupid ones here? Bentancur was signed permanently at 24. Romero is 23, for a fee of EUR 45m (already paid this summer). Bissouma is 25. And given that the owners just injected 150mn into the club, and champions league football is back – they have plenty of money. They are just taking advantage of the free transfer and low contract market right now before turning to the other positions.

    Keep deluding yourself about the Arteta ‘project’ while the kids – led by experienced ‘winners’ like Xhaka – crumble again.


  14. Stew

    🤣🤣 Obviously writing this article made you feel better but maybe you should’ve researched your subject a little more thoroughly first?
    TWO players (so far) on free transfers & short term contracts but NOT on excessive wages, to add a little experience to a squad which is only about 15 months older on average than Woolwich Wanderers! Ageing squad indeed. 🙄
    The (serious) targets THFC are being linked with are ALL under 25, experienced but with potential to improve under an elite manager & not a punt on the likes of a Portuguese kid who’ll play in a sub-standard team under a 3rd rate manager who’s winging it.
    You forget, THFC were abysmal until November & up to about a month or so before the end of last season, weren’t favourite to qualify for UCL, but your club became ‘Arsey’ & bottled it. Think on 12th May, they’d already decided they should “f*** off back to Woolwhich” as they knew “North London is ours!”
    So guess we’ll see what you have to write at the end of the coming season when ‘The Arse’ fail again & you’ll conjur up some pathetic excuses?


  15. coys1882

    A sad article, by a deluded Gooner, desperately clutching at straws! The fact is, after the January transfer window, with no European football all season, you were effectively 9 points clear of us with a + 10 goal goal differential and you ended up 2 points and -16 goals behind us! Talk about a classic ‘bottle job’!

    Kulusevski 21, Bentancur 24, Romero 23, Bissouma 25, all quality additions, Premier League ready and all young. Perisic and potentially Erikssen, top quality, veteran, free transfers and unlike Auba and Lacazette, not on exorbitant wages. What’s not to like, as a Spurs fan?! … oh, but of course you’re an Arsenal fan!

    “It seems the club do not have pot to piss in?” … you wish! Unfortunately for you though, Levy just made 150 million quid available for transfers and we’ve only used 25 mill so far. So plenty of big signings to come! As for your ‘top young talent’ … you mean like Pepe?! Well, perhaps we should examine your youthful recruitment movement in more detail

    Did you really need another lightweight attacking midfielder (Viera), one with no EPL experience? You already have Smith-Rowe, Saka and Odergaard and apparently want Tielemans also. Yet you have no defensive cover, a LB (Tierney) and DM (Partey) who are always injured and a DM/CM (Xhaka) who’s a hot-headed walking red card! (neither with adequate back-ups).


  16. Giddy

    Free transfer and loan fc… Hahahaha. Bitter?????
    Eriksen on a free who wouldn’t want him more creative than any ars**** midfielder.
    bissouma is not old and a snip at that price. Even if its just to watch highlights bossing you last season.


  17. George Graham

    What a moron 🤣 Yves Bissouma rejected you for us. He’s not a free transfer or loan and he’s certainly not past his best at 25. Your ‘young talent’ bottled it big time and will do again. Enjoy Thursday nights 🤣


  18. Shane

    Deluded much?

    Please research before writing dross like this. Deki fee doesn’t have to be paid till next year. Romero fee is split over 4 more years.

    A couple of older senior ‘winners’ have been added on small contracts. As for Bisooma, he was a witness to what happened and there isn’t a hello chance we would have spent money on him if there’s a charge coming.

    The immense stadium pays for itself now and its only uphill from here on.

    Enjoy being below us, it’s your home for a long time coming.



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