Same Jeans for Edu as Vieira Confirmed

Morning all.

Todays blog comes from the Central Line as I slowly make it into work after the second day of strikes. So sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Yesterday we announced the signing of Fabio Vieira.

We all knew the deal was done last week and it was all a matter of when it was announced.

The PR pictures were actually taken the same day as Eddie’s new contract. The club just delayed the announcement for whatever reason.

Either that or the Arsenal marketing team have some stock images of Edu that they just photoshop into the photos.

The only question now is whether we call him “Fabio” or “Vieira”?

My first thoughts on the lad is he needs a good meal.

I do not expect him to make much of an impact in away days during the opening weeks of the season. Expect a lot of gym sessions and for him to be eased in for those more comfortable home games.

One thing to note is these transfers of European players will now take a little longer than they used to due to Brexit.

No longer is it just a case of them having to show their passport or national ID card. The club will have to obtain a leave to remain for them.

There is not really much else happening right now in “Arsenal world”. Journalists trying to make a living talking about “bids” and “negotiations”. They need to stay relevant when not much is going on.

So have a good Wednesday. Stay hydrated. And enjoy your commute.

Ps: how are Arsenal fans unable to spell Vieira correct?



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