Gabriel Jesus in – who next?

Morning all.

What is it with Arsenal and Fridays?

Last week it was Fabio Vieira. This week Gabriel Jesus.

It was broken last night by a few journalists that we had reached an agreement with Manchester City for Gabriel Jesus.

The reported fee is £45million, which I think is a good deal for a Premier League ready player who ticks so many boxes of what we need.

We have said on the blog before that Arsenal have a clear plan. And Edu and Mikel Arteta seem to be working really well together right now.

Arteta is letting Edu know what sort of player he needs and the Brazilian is sending his recruitment team out their to find that player.

Gabriel Jesus is an exciting player. One who will bag 20+ Premier League goals next season.

I imagine it will be a bit like the Vieira deal where things now go quiet for a few days.

We have medicals and photos to still do to and then contract is not yet signed. So it’s in the bag but not quite.

Jesus will join Vieira, Marquinhos and Matt Turner at the club as he becomes the 4th new arrival of the summer.

The transfer window has only been open 10 days so maybe now those that moan we are “moving too slowly” will finally disappear.

So what next?

Raphinha is a deal that has been talked about a bit. I am not 100% sure as it is a lot of money.

But like Jesus he ticks the right boxes of what we need.

If we secured him, that will be around £140m spent this summer. I would imagine that would be that until we sell a few.

The Youri Tielemans deal seems to have gone quite. My feeling is it might now be dead.

Vieira joining and Xhaka staying means he is no longer a key signing and if Raphinha is the next main target; it will feel like we have moved the Tielemans money into the pot for the winger.

But who actually knows? Well Edu does. But no one seems to be able to predict his next move right now.

Enjoy your Saturday. Watch some cricket. And relax.



1 thought on “Gabriel Jesus in – who next?

  1. Peter Burgess

    Whilst I think Raphinha is a good player, I am not sure if he is a team player. If we are going to spend £60m would much rather see Gnabry wearing the red & White again



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