Arsenal kick off US tour with midnight win

Last (or this morning) we kicked off our pre-season tour with a win against Everton in Baltimore.

For those long-term followers of the blog, you will all know my disdain for these international tours. They just highlight clubs for the hypocrites they are.

They preach to fans about sustainability, net-zero and carbon footprint – then fly players thousands of miles round the globe to play teams that are just 6 miles away (in the case of our friendly against Chelsea in a weeks time).

Like many (Gary Lineker), football clubs are happy to lecture fans but soon forget their morals when there is a bit of coin to be made.

At some point this season every Premier League manager will bemoan scheduling. Claiming players are tired. Exhausted. In need of a rest. It will be louder this year as we have the corrupt winter World Cup.

Maybe if they were that concerned with player welfare, they should set the example and have pre-season friendlies closer to home? Not fly to numerous different countries to play teams based round the corner?

This season we play in 3 different countries (England, Germany & USA). In 2019 it was 4. 2018 it was 5!

Considering we are in the era of marginal gains, surely a sports scientist has pointed out that by not flying round the globe for pre-season, players will be much more prepared?

Anyway, political rant over.

The Everton game kicked off at midnight. I did not watch it. Will probably try and catch some highlights today. But I am not overly concerned.

Friendlies mean very little.

We saw Manchester United go OTT with their victory over Liverpool a week or so ago. Ignoring that whilst they had out a very strong XI, Liverpool played mainly kids.

You never know what stage of training a team is at during pre-season.

Often teams will run a full training session before a friendly. If the opponents have not done this then that impacts the fitness.

Might blog tomorrow on the game. But then I will have to pretend I watched it. Or care.

Enjoy your Sunday.



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