How to spend £110million – Zinchenko, Vieira & Jesus v Martinez & Raphinha

Morning all.

Everyone make it into work OK today? Coolest place to probably be is the air conditioned office. I can handle 40 minutes on the Central Line to be in a 22°C office today.

Peak of the weather is around 5pm so I will just go to a pub on the river until about 10pm – should be cooling down by then.

Last night Manchester United confirmed the signing of Lisandro Martínez for £55million.

Earlier in the transfer window we were linked with him, but the price got a little too hot.

Even if we were looking to bring in a first choice full back to replace Kieran Tierney, £55million feels a bit heavy.

As we were actually looking for someone to compete with and cover the Scotsman, it would have been negligent spending that sort of money.

Martinez could have covered left sides centre back as well, but at 5 9 you wonder if he has the physicality to do that in the Premier League.

Statisticians will point to his positive aerial duel figures. But it has to be remembered this is in Holland.

It is very different playing week in, week out against some part-time clog maker in comparison to having a Harry Kane or Chris Wood battling against you.

Another we have “missed out” on is Raphinha as his £55million deal to Barcelona has been confirmed.

The path of both Raphinha and Martinez has been very similar this summer.

Both were targeted by Arsenal to add squad depth. Neither were guaranteed a start. We walked away from both when the price became too high.

It shows we have real clarity of thinking this summer.

Had we signed both, it would have meant £110m+ spent on two players that would not necessarily be regular starters.

Raphinha last season was no better than Gabriel Martinelli, let alone anywhere near Bukayo Saka. Whilst Martinez is probably just about on the same level as Tierney.

Gabriel Jesus and Fabio Vieira have cost us around £75 million. Reports are that a deal for Oleksandr Zinchenko will be made for around £30-35million.

If we take Zinchenko at the highest price, it is then £110million spent on the Ukrainian, Jesus and Vieira. That is shrewd business.

Jesus, Vieira & Zinchenko or Raphinha and Martinez? I know which group I would rather have signed.

We still have money left in the bank after Zinchenko. I expect that to go on an attacking player that can play both outside and inside.

I do not think Youri Tielemans is an option unless Granit Xhaka leaves – we now have Partey, Xhaka, Odergaard, Vieira, Zinchenko, Elneny and Lokonga as central midfield options.

Seven players for 6 positions is probably already one too many (although Zinchenko covers left back and Vieira covers outwide as well). It makes no sense to sign Tielemans and make it 8 for 3 unless we see departures.

More likely is we got for someone who primarily plays out wide, but can drop inside if needed.

Lucas Paquetá could be that man – although my thoughts is it will be someone we have not even been linked with yet.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Stay safe. Stay hydrated.



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