SheWore: All or Nothing – Episode 5 – The Collapse

Recap: After 5 wins in a row, Arsenal sit 4th in the table. Champions League in their own hands. Facing the club now is games against Crystal Palace, Brighton and Southampton. Relatively easy fixtures considering what is to come…

Episode 4: The Collapse

Saints (A) 

The only downside to securing tickets for this was that we had to (somewhat) monitor our booze consumption on the Bank Holiday Friday. 

No matter, we were equipped with cans and, bizarrely, a bottle of watermelon vodka gifted to us by a fellow Gooner outside Waterloo. 

The rattler down to Southampton was packed out not just with The Arsenal, but also a herd of tourists venturing to the seaside in Bournemouth for the first time. 

We arrive into Yates bang on 11:30 and proceed to see one of the group – who shall remain nameless for the sake of his own pride – pour a can of Fosters into an empty plastic cup.

‘A smart strategy’, you may reason. To our amusement, that statement proves to be wrong when the result is 95% foam!

If there were Football League-wide awards handed out for the level of efficiency at letting in away fans, Southampton would be expelled into non-league. 

The queueing system outside St. Mary’s was an absolute shambles, meaning we only just made it to our seats for kick-off. 

On-pitch events will not be mentioned due to the ineptitude of the performance. 

Whilst we were all in good spirits after arriving back at Waterloo, my personal away record in 2021-22 was dismal. 

Four games attended, six goals against, no goals and two Arsenal red cards. Football, eh.



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