SheWore: All or Nothing – Episode 6 – Back From the Brink

Recap: After working hard to be front runners for top 4, three defeats from three games leaves the club in 6th place with games against Chelsea, Manchester United and West Ham still to come. Top 4 dreams over?

Episode 6 – Back From the Brink

United (H)

Unfortunately, this huge fixture was scheduled in the dreaded 12:30pm kick-off slot. I’m convinced it exists solely to anger home and away match-going fans, as it is an absolute nuisance. 

Regardless, The Eaglet was buzzing beforehand, everyone aware to a man that the team needed our full support. 

Whilst a 3-1 result flattered us slightly, it felt like an enormous three points at the time after three abject showings against Palace, Brighton and Southampton. 

Outside The Eaglet afterwards, I seem to recall Granit Xhaka being mistaken for Rob Holding. Curse those tinted windows! 

This was followed by chants of 

‘Super Jack Wilshere’ as an off-duty ambulance passed by. 

Like many that day, a pal was going to the Tyson Fury after The Arsenal, so I ended up joining his crew in the Pins and The World’s End for a few before heading home on cloud nine. 

The Arsenal social really is unmatched.



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