Brentford, Chelsea and Wolves moved – whilst Man City might be postponed

Morning all.

As you would have noticed there have been a lot less blogs since the sad passing of Her Majesty the Queen last Thursday.

We have reduced our output out of respect, whilst also taking the decision to only write a blog if there was something meaningful for say.

The blog about Marquinhos will have to wait!

Arsenal releated news mainly revolves around games being moved.

The home match against PSV tomorrow has been postponed. I do not really understand that.

As someone who has done plenty of Euro away trips, I feel for the PSV fans who would have splashed out hundreds on flights and hotels only for the game to be cancelled. It really should have gone ahead and would’ve given us the opportunity to pay our respects in the ground.

Moving the weekend game against Brentford does however make sense.

Monday will be “all hands on deck” for the Queens funeral. All police leave will be cancelled.

Police Regulations set out that Officers are entitled to a period of at least 11 hours between rostered shifts.

Moving the game back to 12noon ensures the police working the Brentford game will get their 11 hours rest.

With it being a local-ish derby, it will not cause many problems for fans. Most will be travelling in from in or around London.

The only frustration – from a selfish point of view – is that unless I want to get to the pub at 10am, there will be no pints before the game.

It isn’t great that is has been moved, but is understandable.

The other big game moved is our fixture against Chelsea in November – also moved to 12noon.

This game has been moved to 12noon for TV reasons and shows once more that TV companies do not care about match going fans.

A few beers before and after a game are a big part of the game – it is not just the 90 minutes.

Noon kick offs are awful.

Everyone is barely awake, the atmosphere usually subdued. It just is not the same.

There is also talk that the Manchester City mid-week fixture will be postponed from Wednesday 19th October to accomodate the Europa League game against PSV.

Again, this shows that UEFA do not really care about the fans.

The Mancs would have already splashed out on train tickets (currently £98.10) as well as hotels for an overnight stay.

It all shows once more that the comments from UEFA and the media after the European Super League was hot air.

Enjoy your Wednesday.



4 thoughts on “Brentford, Chelsea and Wolves moved – whilst Man City might be postponed

    1. Neil Fitt

      It would impact on the energy of the squad ongoing,and you can’t expect Arsenal to change all eleven players! We are not in City’s league.


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