Arsenal fans Guide to Bodø/Glimt

Away guide Bodø/Glimt – Arsenal 13/10.

Except for the small amount of tickets, Bodø is the perfect away-trip as absolutely everything is within walking distance.

The easiest way to get to Bodø is of course by flight. From the airport there is a 15 minute walk down to the city center where you will find hotels, restaurants, grocerys, bars etc. Are you heading straight to the Aspmyra Stadium it is only a 10 minute walk.

There is no Uber service in Bodø but it is a taxi rank right outside the airport if you prefer the easy way downtown. All the busses from the airport passes both the stadium and the city centre.

Another route to Bodø is by train from Trondheim. The trainstation is located in the city centre and you can walk from here to any hotel and the stadium.


More or less all hotels in Bodø have a good standard, and they are all located in the city centre and by walking distance. Prices is around £100 a night. The newest hotels in the city are Comfort Hotel, Quality Ramsalt and Smarthotel Bodø which opnened in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Arsenal will probably stay at Scandic Havet.

The cheapest option is the Hostel in the trainstation, but not really recommended as its almost the same price as the hotels, and not really good there.

My best recommendation is Quality Ramsalt, new and modern hotel and not too expensive.

As already mentioned all hotels are close to both the stadium and the airpot so you can walk there.

Small amount of AirBnb available, but you wont save much so hotels still recommended.


To be a small city with only 50k people there are a lot of restaurants options in the city centre. A minus is of course that in Norway the prices are really high. So a dinner at a restaurant easly ends up well over £50 per person. You do have the cheaper options with fast food chains such as Burger King, Peppes Pizza and Subway, and if you want a good burger i can recommend the local fastfood place Annas Gatekjøkken. We got finer restaurants such as the Italian restaurant Bjørk located in the city shoppingcenter «Glasshuset» and Bryggerikaia with a lot of local food near the harbour. «Egon» is a big chain of restaurants in Norway and is located in the same building as Thon Hotel Nordlys. «Delicatessen» and «Bølgen» both fine restaurants is located with the Quality Ramsalt Hotel.

«Orion» (Italian/turkish) is a cheap alternative where you get both good food and a lot of food for the small price.

There is a sporsbar were you can combind sports, beer and food downtown called «Sportsbaren».

If you want to try traditional norwegian food stop by «Løvold Kafeteria» downtown.

There is a lot more restaurants in the city centre and you get something for every taste. There is sushi, turkish, burger, tapas and much more.


Bars as well as restaurants have that problem it’s ridiculously expensive. A pint here in Norway is never under £10 and often as expensive as £12-15. This is due to the very high fees and alocoholtaxes in Norway.

On the matchday «Norlænningen» is the away friendly pub. Its a brown pub in the city centre right outside the shopping centre. You can walk straight from here up to the away entrance on the stadium on a 10 minute walk.

Other places to get a beer is the already mentioned «Sportsbaren», here there will be a lot of home supporters on the match day. But there is no hooliganism or ultras supporters in Bodø so it wont be a problem to take a beer at the same place as home supporters. Every supporter here is friendly and will probably enjoy a good chat about football if you meet some.

«Hundholmen» is the largest bar/restaurant in the city, here it can be nice to take a drink in the evening. «Dama di» is also more of a party place and so is «Lucero» in the shopping centre. Though there is not much nightlife in Bodø on a mid week day.

«Landlov» in Sjøgata is where the active home supporters gather on matchday and is to be avoided by away supporters. Not because there can be trouble, as said all supporters here are friendly, but that bar is for home supporters only on matchday.

Other than that Arsenal supporters are welcome everywhere.

Should there be any other questions will i be happy to answer @benna94 on twitter.

Enjoy Bodø, bring a lot of clothes as its freezing cold here, and have a good game!



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