Arsenal need to be “better than the invincibles” to win the league

Big game today lads.

We have had a brilliant start to the season. Sat top of the league going into this weekends games. But today will be the day we learn if we are title contenders or battling for 2nd.

Manchester City look imperious.

Alf-Inge Rasdal Haaland’s son is the beast of a striker we all knew he would be, and has taken the Premier League by storm.

This was written before the Southampton match, but I would not be surprised if he gets another hat trick.

Just 22, he has already scored 174 goals. If he lasts into his mid-30s, he will surely end up with more career goals than Cristiano Ronaldo.

I honestly think this Manchester City side could go the season unbeaten. And 20 games unbeaten in the Premier League (21 if they beat Southampton last night), they could threaten our 49-unbeaten.

If we are to compete with them for the title, we need to be winning this afternoon. Just like we won last weekend against Tottenham.

You have to think Manchester City will get 90+ points this season.

Over 90 means you can not really drop points in any more than 10 league games.

Since the Premier League went down to 20 teams, the 90 point mark has only been exceeded on 10 occassions.

Only twice did a side lose less than 29 games to get more than 90 points – Manchester United in 1999/00 and Liverpool last season.

7 games in, we have already dropped points away to Manchester United. That means we only really have another 8 games where we can drop points if we want to breach that 90 point barrier.

I do not think Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham or Manchester United will breach 90 points this season. So it is down to us and Manchester City.

Win today and we can start dreaming of getting above that mark. We would be considered genuine title contenders.

Fail to win today and it brings us back closer to those below us. We can then probably forget about Manchester City and the title race and it will all be about 2nd.

If I am honest, I do not even think if we get over 90 points we will win the league.

Manchester City’s strength in depth could mean another centurion season could be on the cards.

We could end up with 92 points (more than the invincibles), but the title race could still be over with 3 or 4 games to go.

Hopefully we do not bottle today.

Too often in recent seasons (mainly against Manchester United), we have played the name rather than the team in-front of us.

Liverpool, just 2 wins this season, are not very good (maybe feeling the affects of asthma?).

3 points will be a statement to the rest of the league. It will take us from “oh, look at Arsenal, they are doing well” to “oh, look at Arsenal, they are title contenders”.

Enjoy the game. UTA.

PS: for those Arsenal fans moaning that we mention Mr Arsenal in Strictly. Bore off.



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