Arsenal fans expect a top 4 finish (but majority think we won’t win the league)


So we ran a couple of polls on social media over the past 48 hours and the results make interesting reading.

XX% of Arsenal fans think swe will be top 4 at the end of May.

I am actually suprised it is that low! The 10% that voted that we wouldn’t are either extremely pessimistic or non-Arsenal voting fans.

75 points is usually more than enough to make top 4. With 24 from our opening 9 games we are almost 1/3 of there.

We need another 17 wins to hit that magical number. With 29 games to go we should breach that figure with ease.

Chelsea and Manchester United are 8 and 9 points behind us (albeit with a game in-hand) whilst Liverpool are now 14 behind.

There is a bit of noise coming out of Newcastle, but they are not even on course to get more than 60 points.

If we do not get top 4 this season, it will mean we would have hit a horrendous wrong of form. That was supposed to happen in October (Tottenham, Liverpool, Man City), but has not!

The second poll really shows how level headed most Arsenal fans are.

Whilst most will agree that Manchester City are still strong favourites to win the league, most will now agree that we are in the title race.

A lot will be written about “deluded Arsenal fans” over the coming weeks. But what this poll highlights is most of us do not expect to win the league.

It is clear our expectation is to be top 4, not to win the league.

These polls are important for 2 reasons.

Firstly it shows that even if we do not win the league (and only finish top 4), the season would not have been a failure – we would have met most fans expectations.

I imagine there will be a few Twitter accounts and YouTubers that will rant and rave if we do not win the league, and claim that most Arsenal fans are happy to accept failure.

The polls also put a stop to the narrative over Arsenal fans being “too big for their boots”. The majority do not see us as favourites for the title.

At some point the media will begin building us up in the hope that we do not win the league. they can then spin the line that we are failures, bottle jobs. This despite most fans clearly not expecting us to win the league.

With that Manchester City game now cancelled, October is looking a lot nicer. But we still need to maintain winning ways starting Saturday against Leeds United (and lets not forget about the Europa League).




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