It’s a NO for Mbappe as Arsenal look to put one foot in the Europa League Round of 16

Life is good as an Arsenal fan right now.

Top of the league. Top of our Europa League group. A group of young, hungry players that have a connection with fans.

We look to carry on the good run in the Artic Circle tonight with the return game against Bodø/Glimt.

Firstly, fair play to the few hundred fans that have paid a few hundred quid to head out there.

Most of you go home and away, over land and sea, every game. You are the fans that players should be taking time to meet and interact with.

A win will leave us on 9 points with 3 games to go – and 5 points clear of 3rd place Bodø/Glimt who would have played a game more. So not quite through, but we will have a big foot in the next round.

It is also important to top the group, so whilst we can all but guarantee qualification tonight, it will not mean we can take the pedal off the gas for the last 3 games.

Top the group and you are straight through to the last 16 – and importantly European football can be put on the back burner until March.

If we finish 2nd, it is the Knockout round play-offs in February where we would have to face one of the 8 third-placed teams from Champions League group stage.

We still have the easiest game in the group to play – Zurich are 0 points from 4 games – but that is the our game of the group stages.

The aim has to be that we are qualified before then allowing us to rest everyone ahead of a trip to Chelsea 3 days later.

I expect a strong team tonight as we look to secure the 3 points.

The other big football news floating about this week is Kylian Mbappe.

It would be a hard “NO” from me.

The player is clearly an egotistical little prick who spent 12 months flirting with Real Madrid before signing an incredible deal with PSG.

5 months after agreeing to that deal, he publicly declares that he is “unhappy” at PSG and feels “betrayed”.

He is clearly a talented player, but he has had it all his own way whilst playing in France.

I wonder how he will cope playing week in, week out, on a bigger stage. How he will do with more competitiive games and a greater level of scrutiny.

To have his ego and attitude at just 23 stinks a little. You feel he will want to go into whatever club he joins and be front and centre. Be the most important player there. Believe that he is superior to everyone else. And that is not good for team moral.

Pep Guardiola would want nothing to do with him, and nor would Mikel Arteta.

I would be surprised if Jurgen Klopp would want to work with him, whilst Tottenham coukld never afford him.

I do not see him going to Spain – he has burnt his bridges with Real Madrid and Barcelona are still struggling to balance the books.

He is the type of player that I can see Todd Boehly going out and signing for Chelsea.

A superstar name without really thinking how he would fit in or if the manager would want him.

I can also see him ending up at Manchester United – who would show they have not learnt their lesson after Paul Pogba.

These days, it is not just about the talent you have in your feet but also your attitude.

Mbappe might have the talent and ability of a Thierry Henry, but he has the attitude of Abebayor. He stinks.

I hope Arsenal sit this one out.

Enjoy the game tonight.



2 thoughts on “It’s a NO for Mbappe as Arsenal look to put one foot in the Europa League Round of 16

  1. Positive pete

    Has got the Chavs & Manure all over it.Would pay silly money as per usual.Wait & see.Wpould much prefer us to throw our hat into the ring for Bellingham.Who many see as out of our price range.But if we achieve CL why not?



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