Arsenal Captain Becomes Red Devil

Morning all. Have you turned your She Wore Clockend Clock back an hour?

The only real Arsenal news worth talking about today is Tony Adams and Strictly Come Dancing. How good was he last night as the devil?

I have not watched the show for years, but like many I sam now hooked. It feels like a return to the early years when Darren Gough and Mark Ramprakash won, prior to the BBC beginning to put in professional performers, gymnasts and others with a pre-existing dancing background.

Momentum is now building around Adams, which has surprised the BBC.

There are fears within the organisation that he could actually we, and according to the Daily Mail, it is all our fault!

Myself and Gav could not organise a piss up in a brewery. We just spread the word.

The true heroes are those who at 8:35 every night put “voting is open” in their Arsenal WhatsAp groups, reminding their mates to vote. And this is what is driving him through each week to the dismay or regular Strictly viewers.

But what did they expect when Tony Adams was named as one of the contenders? Arsenal fans not to get involved?

For fans of a certain era, Adams was their hero. He was, and still is, Mr Arsenal. The only man to captain his team to 3 English league titles in 3 different decades.

During the 80s and 90s, a bond was built between Adams and fans that is unbreakable.

We followed his rise from lanky youth graduate to club captain at the age of 21. He was one of our own, often seen out in the pubs of North London and bars and clubs of Essex. You would often watch him play for 90 minutes, then see him on a night out after.

We stood by him whilst he battled alcoholism, a journey he has re-told in the greatest sporting autobiography in history. And we joined him on his recovery as he became a key part of Arsene Wenger’s early success – despite his lifestyle clearly taking its toll on his body.

The 1998 moment as he half volleyed the ball into the back of the net with his left foot against Everton as we won the title is one of the greatest in the clubs history.

672 games for The Arsenal, 66 caps for England, captaining them both.

But he is a man of yesteryear.

The BBC are probably confused why a retired football with just 80k followers on Twitter is doing so well. Where this popularity come from? And it just highlights that Twitter is not real life.

Thousands of Arsenal fans are supporting Adams, most are not on social media. They are the silent majority who let their voting when it counts, rather than spend hours all day, every day trying to influence others.

Regular Strictly fans are dumbfounded. Many are saying they “do not even know who Tony Adams is”. Because he is not on day time TV, on their favourite soap or (for the younger viewers) a YouTuber.

But to 38,000 who went Highbury week in week out during the 80s and 90s, we know exactly who he is.

Will Tony Adams win? I think he will struggle at the last 4 stage.

But each week he stays in, the momentum grows. And if his former team mates continue to publicly support him, his chance of winning will only grow.

Lee Dixon, David Seaman, Ian Wright, these guys have a reach beyond 3million on Twitter alone. That dwarfs the 100k that follow us across our socials.

And imagine Tony Adams does make the final. And Arsenal put out a little Tweet…that could break the BBC servers.

We will keep enjoying the ride. Keep upsetting those who think Strictly belongs to them. And keep supporting Mr Arsenal.

Enjoy the game today.



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