Worst week of the season, best start of the season

Our worst week of the season comes to an end with us top of the Premier League, top of our Europa League, through to the knockout stages of Europe and one win away from the last 16. We’ve had worse weeks.

By the overreaction of both some fans and media, you’d think we were heading into this weekends game without a win in 3, having lost our last 2 Premier League games, and needing to win away in France to secure qualification to European knockout football.

The fact the negativity towards Arsenal is loud whilst Spurs have drifted through the last 10 days without making a headline really does highlight how higher expectations are at Arsenal.

So we lost to PSV. Not great, but not a disaster.

PSV are a decent side who, similar to Arsenal, have some of the most exciting young players in Europe.

They have 100% home record in the Eredivisie this season and anyone thought that Mikel Arteta’s Big Red and White Machine would easily roll them over in their own backyard is clearly deluded.

Arteta decided to follow the roadmap of his success in Europe this season – playing a team 50% of regular starters and 50% of 2nd string. For the first team this season it didn’t work out.

But we move on, and if we can’t beat Zurich at home, we do not deserve to finish top of the group.

Likewise if we do not beat Nottingham Forest at home, we do not deserve to be considered title contenders.

Everytime this season when Arsenal don’t win a game the rats will come out of their drains.

The fans who never wanted Arteta in the first place. Refuse to accept our 2020 FA Cup win. Have been hating life this season as fans unite behind the team they love.

Mute, block, do not interact and move on.

We will have other bad weeks this season. Some will be worst than the last 7 days. But as long as we stick together, the good will far outweigh the bad.

We move on together.



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