Signing Cristiano Ronaldo “would be the worst thing to ever happen” to Arsenal

By now most of you would have seen the clips from the Cristiano Ronaldo interview with the grass that is Piers Stefan O’Meara.

Ronaldo has shown he is a narcissist who is struggling to realise he is not the messiah, with Morgan facilitating him under the guise of journalism.

Ronaldo, Kevin Pietersen and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Morgan certainly has a certain type of favoured sportsmen – egotistical, problematic and shunned by the majority – bit like Piers himself.

What I do not understand is some fans have tried to put forward a case for Ronaldo to join Arsenal for 6 months.

Now I am not sure if they are doing this for attention, to try and create content and discussion, or they are just idiots. but anyone that wants Ronaldo at their club – whether they be Arsenal or Colchester United – needs to give their head a wobble.

We have worked hard in recent years to rid ourselves of overpaid, over the hill, egotistical stars – namely Aubemayang and Mesut Ozil.

Our rise to the top of the league is due to having a squad of talented young players, all realise they are stronger as a unit, working hard under the instruction of Mikel Arteta. Ronaldo would kill the vibe on his first day.

He does not work hard for the team. He wants to be front and centre of everything. And he will not follow the instructions of the manager.

And Roanldo’s biggest issue is he does not realise that he is the problem.

Ronaldo is so far up his own his arse that he can see out of his mouth.

He actually thinks he has the backing of most Manhcester United fans; he is mixing up Man U fans with Ronaldo fans.

Those that fanboy him would follow him everywhere. Defend all his actions, including the unsavory acts which means he can not go to America for fear of being arrested.

Not only would I not want Ronaldo, I also would not his fanboys upsetting the happy place that is Arsenal.

We have got rid of those that tried unsettling the club due to Ozil; signing Ronaldo would be a return to those days.

They would be screaming for Arteta to be sacked just because he did not select their nearly-40-year-old hero. It would distablise the fan base.

He might have been a world class player a few years ago, but he is now a shadow of himself. But has kept the ego.

Anyone who wants us to sign Ronaldo, please press the unfollow button!

And if we signed Ronaldo? Well it would be the worst thing to ever happen to the club.



6 thoughts on “Signing Cristiano Ronaldo “would be the worst thing to ever happen” to Arsenal

  1. hans andersson

    Most of those who want Ronaldo at Arsenal, I guess, are fans of Spurs, Chelsea, Liverpool etc, and – of course – Man United (to get rid of the plague).
    The coming five weeks will be the silliest of silly seasons and the main target for all trash talk will be the team that at the moment are leading EPL with five points. Watch out for the b*llsh*itters! Some call them “pundits”.


  2. John

    Edu and Arteta wouldn’t take him even if he was offered to us on a free transfer and on the wages of the canteen chef. He would poison the whole club.


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