Have an opinion you want to share? We want to host your views

Morning all.

Games have come thick and fast over the last couple of months. What that means is we have jumped from pre-game blog to match report to post-game blog, and then back to a pre-game blog ahead of the next game.

One reason I got into blogging was because I love sharing my opinion. I find the pre/post match stuff boring to write about. It is very formulated and everyone is doing it.

Due to the volume of games we have had, I have tons of opinion pieces saved in drafts.

During the World Cup, the She Wore blogs will reduce as there is naturally less to say. But there will be an increase in opinion pieces.

A glimpse of what you have to look forward too:

New wideman options

Possibly January signings

Nketiah or Balogun?

No need for Tielemans

The need for a “Reyes” signing

And more that I have yet to write!

If you want to share an opinion piece over the World Cup, please get in touch – shewore@gmail.com.

We want to share your views!



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