Edu promotion a sign of just how well run Arsenal are currently run

Morning all, and Happy World Cup Eve. If anyone is actually happy about it.

I am certainly not, and have firmly been in the “it should have been boycotted” camp ever since it was announced.

The latest news of booze bans in Qatar sums up the sham of a World Cup.

Now I get Qatar is a Muslim country and we should respect the rules of the country we are in.

I would have had no issue with an alcohol ban had that been the case since day one. That way travelling fans would have the full facts before deciding to spend thousands of pounds to go out there.

To announce the change just a few days before the World Cup shows no respect to the fans that are going.

Saying that, the ban is only for stadiums (as they are the only place the existing alcohol laws had been lifted). You will still be able to get alcohol in your hotels.

That area of the world really is a weird place.

Strict rules when it comes to alcohol, women, homosexuality, etc. But you just know the rich and the Royal Family are probably on the booze all the time before closed door, and bending their slaves over the kitchen counter regardless of sex and age.

Big Arsenal news yesterday as it was announced Edu was being promoted to the role of Sporting Director.

Alongside Mikel Arteta, he has been a key part to the stablisation of our club on and off the field.

It goes beyond his work in the transfer market. Arsenal is a much better ran place now in comparison to 24 months ago.

It is a position both Raul Sanllehi and Sven Mislintat had their eye but never got near to getting.

We now had a fairly solid senior management structure.

Josh Kroenke seems to be taking more of an interest in us. Then we have Edu as Sporting Director.

Vinai Venkatesham has been CEO since 2022 and Per Mertesacker has been managing the academy for for over 4 years.

Even if Mikel Arteta left tomorrow, it now feels like we have a good structure above and around him which would allow us to keep moving forward.

The fact no one mentioned Edu’s promotion prior to the Arsenal announcement shows how he has also plugged the leaks. The days of players selling stories to John Cross, or to Turkish journalists have long gone.

We move forward together as one, and I can not wait for football to return after the World Cup.

Enjoy your Saturday.



5 thoughts on “Edu promotion a sign of just how well run Arsenal are currently run

  1. Janer Ali

    Couldn’t agree with you more referring the last minute announcement of the booze ban, as you said many fans would’ve maybe not booked, oh the executive boxes will not be affected, one rule for them etc…



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