10 games to go – Now it is time to get serious

Morning all. Football is nearly back.

I have come in for a bit of criticism recently for “clickbait blogs”. Any long term readers will know I adhor clickbait.

Other blogs steal readers away from the better blogs out there with titles such as “Arsenal interested in 6′ 5″ striker”. NewsNow most read stories always contains this type of thing. And some “bloggers” have built a career off the back of producing this sort of content.

It has never been for me and whilst it would have earned me a lot of money of the decades, I have never been interested. I earn next to nothing from this blogs. Around $100 a month. They have always been a place fir me to vent, to share my opinion. I do not really care how many read.

What is interesting is those that accused me of clickbait across social media did so without actually clicking the blog.

Who could replace Bukayo Saka at Arsenal was a blog about what sort of player Arsenal need to be looking at as cover for Saka. Who could replace him if he got injured. Or when rested.

FIVE who could replace Saka on Arsenal’s right wing expanded on this blog by discussing who fitted the profile.

We will be buying a right winger this summer, I am sure of it. That man will replace Saka when he is out of the team. So it it wrong to blog about who that will be? No. What is wrong is commenting on a blog without reading.

But that happens a lot. People share their opinion on a blog without ever reading. And it is usually those that want to share a negative opinion.

I blog how I want, in the style I want, sharing the content I want. Don’t want to read it? Fair enough. But do not comment if you have not read.

Anyway, we move on. Football is nearly back. Tomorrow it is Leeds at home.

By the time we kick off, we would have known the result of Manchester City v Liverpool.

At the beginning of the month, we faced a similar situation – City travelled to Newcastle before we faced Bournemouth.

It was one of those weekends where you thought “City might drop points here, and then we have the easy home game”. City won 2-0. We needed that last minute Reiss Nelson winner.

Tomorrow is similar.

Liverpool at home is not an easy game. City could drop points. Meanwhile Leeds at home should be a comfortable victory for Arsenal. But games are won on the pitch, not in a blog.

It will be nice if City to drop points, and we will need them to drop we them to drop 6 or 7 of their last 33 to have a chance. But for now, we just need to concentrate on our own game. And that is against Leeds.

Watch the City Liverpool game, just do not let it affect how you support The Arsenal at 3pm.

On this day in 2001 we lost our Rocky, taken too soon. 

For those too young to remember, he was our Saka, the player from the youth team who gave everything on the pitch with style grace determination and fight.

As always thoughts with his family, friends and The Arsenal family.

Never Forgotten.



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