London’s oldest blog set for name change

Today we are delighted to announce that we will be changing the name of our blog.

Like Arsenal, we have had numerous names throughout our history. We started with ArseOnline back in those day (the search terms used to find our site always made interesting reading).

When Rivals were bought out by Sky (and quickly shut down in an attempt to force the users to Sky’s own message boards) we moved platform and adopted a new name: She Wore a Yellow Ribbon.

A few years later, we became fully independant blog and again went under a rebrand. was born – although we still maintain the full name of the Facebook page.

Over the years, we have come under increasing pressure over our name, with many calling it “misogynistic” and questioning why we had singled out a specific gender. Some also wondered whether we had assigned the gender of our blog, or just assumed what gender the blog.

Moving forward, our new name will be They / Them Wore a Yellow Ribbon.

We hope that by using the new name, the new pro-nouns, we will become not only Arsenal’s oldest London based blog but also most inclusive.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to anyone that was offended by our previous names.

Keenos (Gooner / Gunner)


6 thoughts on “London’s oldest blog set for name change

  1. Richard

    I can’t believe people would have an issue with shewore. I have read the blog for years and never perceived the issue.

    Why does a minority seek to control everyone else’s opinion? Aren’t our differences what makes us unique? How can you celebrate one person’s differences while suffocating another?(except where it poses a threat)

    This is like people complaining about violence on TV.. yet not simply choosing to turn it off or change the channel. It’s a website, visit and read like me, or leave if it’s not your cup of tea.

    If it’s an April fool gag…. I will definitely not laugh.. for more than a minute 😂



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