More Arsenal fans share their mascot experience

Following yesterdays blog sharing the mascot experience of Max and his family, more Arsenal fans have reached it to share what happened on their big day (or their childs!).

My son was met on arrival as the team entered the stadium.

Once they settled he was invited into the dressing room and was also accompanied by the club photographer. He was invited to go around each player and they kindly each had a photo taken.

He was then invited on to the pitch during the warm up where again he had some photos and obviously joined them for the coin toss.

Additionally a few days later an envelope arrived with a series of photos taken by the club of his day. Not many clubs would do that – in fact the old boy who looked after him from the opposition commented how good Arsenal are and different from other clubs.


Day, start to finish, is a dream as a kid.

I was 12 years old walking out of the tunnel with Robin van Persie live on ITV1. The guy who looked after me all day got the coach up there with us and sorted free tickets for me and my family.

They gave me a free kit. I had taken my own home kit to wear but as we were playing away, they wanted me to match the players.

I walked into the dressing room with the players and had a chat with them all whilst they signed a match ball Arsenal had given to me. I particularly remember Francis Coquelin and Theo being very welcoming and helping with the lads who’s English weren’t great.

I played on the pitch with some of the subs and then got a photo with every player as they were getting changed for the match.

As the game kicked off walked round to the arsenal end to a huge applause from the fans.


Obviously it’s a while ago. It was at Wigan.

They supplied a full kit for the lad and 4 tickets in the Arsenal end. Wigan gave a tour of the stadium (they were also very good) and we met the managers.

All mascots went in the away changing room, but ONLY the Arsenal mascot was allowed in our changing room.

Then usual kick around with the players and lead them out. Afterwards AFC submitted an article to our local paper (with photo) and sent A4 copies of all the photos they took.

The club were brilliant – My lad is now 24 still talks about it.


I was mascot away to Fulham in March 2006. Everything about the day showed the class of The Arsenal.

The players walked into the changing rooms with their game face on (like the video shown this week), and that had no impact on the day I had.

I then got to go into the changing rooms and meet all the staff and players. They were all superb, Bergkamp, Freddie and Cole were the standouts. Freddie even remembered me from a Junior Gunner Christmas party 3 months earlier, so the players must interact with the kids!

I then got to have photos on the pitch during the warm up, come out with Thierry and take a few shots with mad Jens. The whole day couldn’t have gone any better.

I’ve also been on the pitch for Bergkamp’s testimonial, carried a flag out at Highbury on 3 occasions, had a nerf gun fight with the first team at the training ground, two Christmas parties and also won competitions for my junior gunner brother and now my own kids. And on every single occasion the players and the club have been first class.

To me it’s the same old story, we are back and everyone else is finding anything to try knock us down. UTA.


My eldest was a virtual mascot during lockdown. Obviously it wasn’t the full experience because the stadium was closed so we didn’t get to meet the players.

They both had an interview with Nigel Mitchell which went out on the big screens and social media, got sent some merch (including a full kit) and had a personalised video sent from a player (ESR & Partey).

My youngest was then a mascot for the Brighton game so we got given 2 tickets (was a very small crowd, 10k I think?). Unbelievable considering it was free.

They also both got to take penalties on the pitch. The news articles suggesting that Arsenal don’t care about kids are absolute bollocks

They also both got a programme with their name listed among the subs!


I was actually a mascot in a home match in the early 90s.

Got four tickets in the east stand I think, had a form to fill out asking favourite player, band , hobbies etc.

Got a free kit and a football. Had a few shots at David Seaman in the warm up.

There was a function after the match and got their autographs.


We also had lots of fans share their mascot experience with us on Twitter:

As we said yesterday, judging Arsenal’s mascot experience by a 102 second video is just lazy journalism, and promoted by those that look for easy hits as they montise their accounts off your gambling losses.

The real lived mascot experience over at Arsenal is “incredible”.



1 thought on “More Arsenal fans share their mascot experience

  1. Olanrewaju

    The truth is, the mainstream media and so-called pundits (most of them United exes) have tried everything to derail this Arsenal’s season. And this is another of their gimmick! The boys need to develop thick skin, stay off or less on social media and finish the race. Whatever comes at the end of May (hopefully, the trophy), we will count our costs. Afterall, at the beginning of season, we never said we wanted to win the EPL, too 4 was our craving…..but they pushed us!
    I wish the boys and coaches all the best. Let no one take away the joy from the effort they have put in this season.



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