What is it actually like to be an Arsenal mascot?

By now you have already seen the video that has gone viral of Arsenal players signing the shirt of the mascot for the day ahead of the West Ham match.

The video led to a pile on by those strange social media accounts that just copy / paste content. Whose ultimate aim is to gain lots of RTs, attention and therefore followers, rather than take the time to understand the truth behind something.

They subscribe to the view that it is better to share false information that builds their accounts which they then montise, rather than share videos with truthful comments that might not garner the same attention.

The majority of these accounts are betting affiliates, where they promote gambling, and then earn money off your loss. So you can excuse us if we laugh whilst they try and promote themselves as some sort of beacon of morality.

One major issue is that people have built their opinion on what it is like being a mascot based on a 109 second video.Being a mascot at Arsenal is a full day. Part of that day is being able to “welcome” players as they come off the bus. But this is just a small part of the experience.

So what is it like to be an Arsenal mascot for the day? We spoke to Max Downer, a father whose child was recently an Arsenal mascot.

What happened before the day?

We were given 4 free tickets for the game, plus the option for additional extras if needed.

I had to give his measurements so that the provided him with a kit for the day, which he kept.

We were also advised to bring along a shirt for all players to sign.

What happens pre-game?

On arrival my son and the Everton mascot for the day got to go to their teams changing room where their kits are hanging up ready for them to put on.

We then go to the players entrance door where he greets the players off the coach. Some high five him as they walk through. We then go pitchside where he is interviewed, which is shown on the big screens.

After the interview, the cameraman and just my son go into the changing room where he meets every player. He has a photo with every single one of them and they all sign his shirt.

What happens during the warm-up?

As the players are warming up, he was allowed on the pitch to join them for a little kick-around. All the time more photos are taken of him on the pitch with players.

After the warm up we wait in the tunnel before he walks out the team. We are then taken to our seats.

What happens after the game?

Arsenal send all photos of the day to us.

Anything else you would like to add?

He got emotional at times as it’s quite nerve wracking and all players and staff were very comforting and supportive.

As you well know Arsenal are class in these kind of things. An absolutely amazing experience. I’d be shocked if that girl didn’t feel the same.

The video could does it no justice really and unless you experience it you just don’t know how wonderful it is

This is an account from someone whose son was an actual mascot. Not the commentry of a faceless twitter account that is only interested in hits and monitising their “influence” – usually through profiteering off your gambling losses.

It is sad that these days have attempted to ruin what would have been an incredible day for the young girl who was mascot for the day at West Ham. And in face, that father of the young lady in question has spoken about her special day.

The club does a lot wrong, as we document, but Junior Gunners is one area they have always been very attentive.

Players do so much seen and unseen for younger fans, from zoo visits, school visits, hospital visits and more. Sadly, many of these big accounts only highlight a perceived slight by a club as that is what gets them the RTs and follows.

Being a mascot at Arsenal is also free. Many clubs, such as West Ham, charge for being a mascot. Their pricing for the 2022/23 season is as follows:

  • Category A = £375 inc. VAT
  • Category B = £375 inc. VAT
  • Category C = £175 inc. VAT

We have never seen any parent complain about how their children, or themselves, were treated on the day. All the critcisim has come from people who have probably never even been to the Emirates for a football match, let alone had a family member be an Arsenal mascot.

We asked on Twitter for more Arsenal fans to share their mascot experience:



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