Winning the title is not easy – it is a rollercoaster of emotions

This season is not my first rodeo. Not my first title race.

I have seen us win the title from a losing position (1998), lose titles from winning positions (1999, 2003), romp away with it (2004) and stumble over the line to victory (1989).

Every title race has always been a rollercoaster of emotions. And this year has been no different.

We are in an era of football never seen before.

Four of the last 5 seasons the champions have got north of 90 points. And twice during that period, the runners-up got over 90 points.

In the previous 25 seasons, the league was only won with 90+ points 7 times.

When we won the league in 98, we lost 6 games and drew 9. 15 games we dropped points in.

2002 we dropped points in 12 games – losing thrice and 9 draws. 2004, we went unbeaten, but still dropped points in 12 games.

In this current era of 90+ points, you can not afford to drop points in more than 10 games and expect to win the league. In 3 of the last 5 years, the champions have dropped points in just 6 games. That is simply incredible.

And that makes dropping points away to West Ham so much more painful.

In years gone past, you could go to West Ham, go to Southampton, go to Everton, come away with just 2 points and still win the title. In 2023, failing to get 3 points in those games will cost you the title.

A mate of mine says every week “wining the Premier League is not easy”. He then usually follows that with a rant as to how some fans think it is easy to get 90+ points and romp away with the league.

The fact we could get 90 points this season and fail to win the title shows just how hard it is to be champions.

Yesterday we had a sliding door moment.

At 2-1, up stepped Bukayo Saka with a chance to restore Arsenal’s two-goal lead. Two minutes later it was 2-2.

“Hit them hard, hit them early” was the game plan. And 2-nil up after 15 minutes, we were talking about how many we would get. In the end we dropped points. And with that it could be the end of our title chances.

We looked lost in the second half. Not structure or intensity to our play. We never looked like retaking the league after going 2-2.

After Manchester United, Aston Villa and Bournemouth, I blogged how we can no keep expecting to score in the last minute to take 3 points. And Sunday at 2-2 it just never looked like we had what it would take to grab a winner.

Tiredness is not an excuse, we are only playing once a week. You simply can not drop points against a relegation threatened side when 2-nil up.

I am not really sure what else to say. Two days on and I am still gutted. But then I remember this is the hardest league in the world to win.

But as my mate says, we are still top of the league with a 4 point gap.

We will go again, whether it is this season or next. We have a great young team with a fantastic manager. But right now it hurts.

In other news, we have seen the pile on yesterday over the way players “treated” the mascot.

It needs to be noted that at no point have the mascots family said they were mistreated by the club, nor have any club mascot or their family every mentioned their disappointment at the day.

This is just a pile on by those bland football accounts who copy/paste content for hits, added to by some gutter press and celebrities who will do anything for attention.

The club does a lot wrong, as we document, but Junior Gunners is one area they have always been very attentive.

It is laughable that many of these accounts said “they all have their headphones on” and “no player spoke to her”. Yet the video they posted showed the majority did not have their headphones on and many did speak to her. It is alsmot they like post videos without watching them and steal others comments.

The day for a mascot is much more than welcoming the players as they come off the bus. The 1 minute video was just part of a brilliant day for the young lady. A day these faceless accounts are now trying to drag through the mud.

Interesting to note one account piling on is called “The72”.

The72’s brand is built on hating everything Premier League. Last week they contacts us with an enquriy to buy “We’re looking to broaden our current portfolio…we think would be a good addition”.

So a company built on hating the Premier League is looking to buy a Premier League clubs blog to expand. Maybe the cash cow of the “The72” brand has dried up and they will soon be rebranding “The92” and deleting all those tweets attacking Premier League sides.

The72 website is also interesting viewing. The entire site is covered with gambling advets. So you can see where their morals lie…

From trying to be an Arsenal blog to slaughtering Arsenal players in the space of 4 days. Alright lads. It is a no from us!

Attacking Arsenal, people calling us a “nasty club” and saying “this is no surprise from them” just highlights people just read the headlines and do not take the time to learn about the club they are commenting on.

Players do so much seen and unseen for younger fans, from zoo visits, school visits, hospital visits and more. Sadly, many of these big accounts only highlight a perceived slight by a club as that is what gets them the RTs and follows.

Have a good Tuesday.



3 thoughts on “Winning the title is not easy – it is a rollercoaster of emotions

  1. Malaysian gunner

    Yes ,it aint easy.Why didnt the ref blow forthe Rice ball incident prior to the penalty being given?
    Then u have ex or retd refs supporting the ref in queztion.If the roles were reversed youcanbet there will be no penalty for Arsenal.
    It has been like this since Wengerz time.
    Imho’there seems a conspiracy to stop the
    gumners winning.
    Arsenal are playing against ateam who have the ref,var and linesmen as backup


  2. Michael

    I refuse to throw the towel in as many “fans” seem to have done, not after we’ve come this far, after so long. That being said, if we do fall short in the end, it will indeed be painful to have to reflect on dropping points at the teams currently sitting at 15th, 17th and rock bottom 20th!


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