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Should Arsenal Target Manchester United Trio


So after the 1-1 draw with Man U, I kind of drifted off into a dreamy world where I pondered a lot of things. The majority of time was spent thinking about my own drinking problem, that for away days I really do drink too much, after work I drink too much, during work I drink too much, and that I really should stop.

Getting back to London, I went to the pun to drink some more, and the pondering continued. This time my mind took me back towards Man U and the seemingly unhappiness of many of their players, and whether Arsenal should try and take advantage.

Jose Mourinho upsets players. He does it everywhere he go’s. Usually by the time he does it, a title is already in the cabinet, and he is already looking for his next job. This time it is different, however. He is upsetting players less than 6 months in. Could (or should?) Arsenal take advantage and launch bids for 3 of those alienated?

Luke Shaw

Still just 21, Luke Shaw is still an undoubted talented left back. Able to cover a lot of ground, good in defence, quick and able to put a ball in. If fit, he is England’s best left back. But then that is the problem, his fitness.

Since joining Man U for £30 million, he has started just 26 league games, having suffered a double leg fracture early on in his 2nd season.

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 08: Luke Shaw of Manchester United in action during the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester United and Crystal Palace at Old Trafford on November 8, 2014 in Manchester, England. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

He has returned fit this season, but looked a tad over weight and was recently singled out for criticism by Mourinho which left the youngster baffled.

Arsenal have conceded a lot of goals this season from the left hand side, with Nacho Monreal looking a weak link.

Signing Shaw would see Arsenal have arguably the two best young full backs in the league, both home grown, and both set for a decade in the 1st team.

But then has he really recovered from his injuries?

Anthony Martial

Like Luke Shaw, Anthony Martial has struggled to nail down a place in the Man U first XI this season. A mixture between injury, poor form and Mourinho baffling preferring Jesse Lindgard over the Frenchman has seen the £36-50 million pound Frenchman have a difficult beginning to this season.

He has struggled to adapt off the field, reportedly finding living in the Manchester pressure cooker hard. This lead to him breaking up with the mother of his two children. It is a lot easier to be anonymous in London.

2303992_heroaLast season’s return of 17 goals in 51 games was a decent return for a 19 year old, despite his crazy price tag. This season he has been reduced to just 5 Premier League starts, playing just 385 minutes. He has also lost his number 9 shirt number to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

He could certainly put pressure on Theo Walcott on the wing and, at just 20, still has a lot of time to improve.

A long term replacement for Alexis Sanchez?

Memphis Depay

When Man U signed Memphis Depay in 2015, they were supposed to be getting the next big thing from Holland. I had seen him a few times whilst laying in a Thailand hotel room and he looked an exceptional player. Albeit flawed.

He had a bit of the Andros Townsend about him. His game was about cutting in onto his stronger foot and shooting. He would do it, every game, 5 times in 90 minutes. Odds dictated that a couple of them who force the keeper into a save, or go in the top corner, whilst the majority flew harmless over or wide, hit a defender, or pea rolled into the keepers arms.

In his last 2 seasons for PSV, he scored 42 goals in 83 games. Since joining Man U for £25m and he has been a massive flop. So much so that he is now being linked with a move to Everton.


He is a selfish player and suffered from anger issues early on in his career. He is arrogant and cocky, but the talent is clearly there. He just needs some direction, some proper coaching.

Strong, quick and with a trick, he can beat players in more than one way. More importantly, he once beat up Robin van Persie.

In his early days at Arsenal, Wenger gained a reputation for turning players struggling in a side to world beaters once more. Could he do the same with Depay?