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Time for change – Arsenal is stale

ChOKcG9WkAEUaUOFirstly my excuses for non attendance today, Gramps is 95 and it’s been planned for a long while to go and visit him for his birthday, so I’m writing this in the car on the way to the deepest part of the garden of England.Untitled

Those who know me or follow me/us on any social media know I/us have done our bit in the past and will continue to not only talk online but also back it up with action. Back in 2014, we called for a protest very similar to what is planned today.

At the time, as you will see if you scroll down to the comments of the previous blog, we got a lot of abuse from many.

I/we were involved at the start of the BSM and continue to support there goals and aims for a better deal for match going fans. Today is no different, there’s about 7 lads and a lady who help in various ways with shewore over the various social media platforms and the blog. Of those 8, 5 will be there today all holding different banners. Backing the team, but not the regime.ChOV099WwAAUhvy

Even us 8 can’t all agree on who is to blame the most for the groundhog season so many of us predicted when yet again the club ignored a transfer window to strengthen the squad. But because we can’t all agree on who predominantly is holding the club back doesn’t mean we don’t all agree that something has to change or the next few seasons will be at best the same at worst a lot more painful.

Someone recently asked me “I am not sure whether to protest. will it change anything”. And realistically, it might not change anything. Stan Kroenke after-all moved one of his American franchises to a new state despite mass fan protests. But what will certainly not change anything is doing nothing.

You will not achieve anything without trying. When the protests first began about ticket prices, many laughed, mocked, claiming it would change nothing. We now have £30 tickets for away fans. Action, protest, worked.

So to those going today I’m not going to tell you what to do, most match going fans these days are highly knowledgeable make your own mind up, but if like us you want change, be it the owner, the board, the CEO or Wenger then pick up an A4 and wave it at 12 and 78mins.

This is your time to let your voice be heard.