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An Ode to Arsene Wenger

An Ode to Arsene Wengerby Pug

For 10 long years it’s been the same,
We all believed in Arsene’s game,
In trusting Wenger’s steady hand,
We’re waiting for the promised land,

We’ve paid our dues of that I’m sure,
We were so good but now so poor,
We’ve had the cash to buy the best,
It’s just he chose to not invest,

Giroud and Walcott both world class?,
Sanogo, Park as well, my arse,
In second best he’s placed his trust,
And sat and watched our Arsenal rust,

Gazidis, Kroenke, Keswick too,
You haven’t got a fucking clue,
We’re sick of all your porky pies,
You’re getting rich while our dream dies,

You’ve robbed the fans and killed our dreams,
Your wallets bursting at the seams ,
Thierry, Dennis and Kanu,
We still remember Rocky too,

We yearn for Highbury more and more,
But now we’re just a corporate whore,
Freddie, Patrick and even Jack,
Enough’s enough we’re fighting back,

Deserving more for all you’ve done,
It’s time to go, your race is run,
Though things will never be the same,
Your place secured in the hall of fame,

Top four, the cup, the last sixteen,
It’s time to go you old has been,
We pray that Wenger gets the sack,
We’ll die to get our Arsenal back.