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Tomas Rosicky’s contract – Cazorla off, Cech in?

So this morning Arsenal have extended Tomas Rosicky’s contract by a further year, taking the 34 year old attacking midfielders Arsenal career into a 10th year. And I am sitting here wondering “What’s the point?” For me, there seems to be no logic to it.

An injury hit career at Arsenal, a wonderful talent who has just not been on the pitch enough to express himself. When signed in 2006, I was excited. The man to replace Robert Pires. He was, for me, one of the top attacking midfielders in the world. As good as Kaka, with the two of them shining at the 2006 World Cup. And then the injuries began, and never really ended.

Over the last few years, he has put in some good cameos. Strung a few performances together where he has reminded us of his talent, got his new contact, and then broken down again.

This season, he has been even more of a bit part players. He has played just 567 Premier League minutes. At £3,500,000 a year, that works out at £6,172 a minute. And with squad restrictions, in both the Premier League and Champions League, resigning Rosicky, even at a lower wage, is illogical. He takes up salary and a squad place that could go to someone else who would see more pitch time.

The only logical reason is that Rosicky signing ties in with two potential transfer moves this summer.

Santi Cazorla was heavily linked to a return to Spain last summer. Rumours of being home sick. And with Atletico having a bit of money to spend, having just won the league, it looked a good fit. He remained at Arsenal. The rumours could return this year, and it would not be surprising to see him leave, with him being used as a very small make weight in a deal for Antoine Griezmann. That would leave us 1 player short in central attacking midfield, and free up the space for Rosicky to play a bit more.

Could Rosicky signing his new deal mean Cazorla is off?

On the other hand, it could link in with a player coming in. Petr Cech.

Cech and Rosicky are close friends. They socialise together, they party together. A year between them, they grew up. Born just 56 miles apart, they grew up in the Czech youth teams together, and have been key players for their country over the year. They are captain and vice captain of their country.

Whilst Cech is still a world class goal keeper and one we are certainly interested in, Rosicky is certainly not a world class midfielder. But if keeping Rosicky means that Cech joins, it is a great deal. I am sure Cech was one of the first Rosicky would be phoning today letting him know he is staying…

“Hi Petr, its Tommy, got some great news, I am staying at Arsenal”

“That is great news Tommy, I am so happy for you”

“So you coming to join me then”

If keeping Tomas means that Petr signs, I am more than happy with that.


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