New Site, New Season, Same Old Arsenal

Hello, and welcome to our new home. A new season for The Arsenal brings with it a new website for She Wore a Yellow Ribbon. Grab a cup of coffee. sit back and relax.

As you would have noticed, we have moved to a new address of Despite a new site. Not much has changed. We have the same opinions. the same arguments. The same insightfulness. Everything that has helped make us what we are. But what has changed?

More Articles

Previously, articles on SheWore were very ad hoc. People wrote when they fancied it. You could go weeks without something, then BANG! 4 articles in 3 days. We will produce more content, spout more bullshit, create more discussion.

More Opinions

We want guest writers. We want to hear you stories. We want to hear what Arsenal means to you. To have your Arsenal story published, visit Arsenal and Me. We get bored with just hearing our own voices (in our head whilst we type). So alongside our Arsenal and Me content, if you ever feel you want to comment on the current situation with Arsenal, air your frustrations or revel in your excitement,  contact us and get published.

No more message board

Message boards have been dying out ever since Facebook (and later twitter) allowed more people to get together and debate about the things they love. Whilst the anonymity of a message board was a great thing, they are now outdated. If you wish to comment on the blog feel free to use the comments section, or jump on Facebook or twitter (links on the right).

Mobile friendly

Our previous site was not mobile friendly. is. So if you are reading from a smart phone, life has just got a lot easier for you. No need to thank me, I did not do anything.

What I would ask in the short-term is please bear with us. We are not the most computer savvy (always forgetting passwords) so if something breaks, it’s probably GC’s fault.

That’s enough about the new site. The summer breaks seem to get longer and longer. with no international football. No Olympics. And the cricket being a walkover, the summer has been boring. I have even contemplated taking up golf and cycling to get over the boredom. Although I ended up going to the pub every time I contemplated it. It happens every year. I see the summer break as a chance to stop drinking. To get some exercise in. To get healthy. And every year I fail.

Over the next few days, we will be putting up a blog with a variety of predictions from a cross-section of fans. If you use twitter, ensure you favourite it, and lets see who is right at the end of the season. There might even be a prize (if I do not eat it beforehand).

And on to The Arsenal. Same Old Arsenal. Not spending money. Close to signing players but never actually signing them. Scouting for other teams. Making a profit on transfers. Infighting between various acronym groups. Disagreements. Abuse. And the season has not even started yet. Again it will be a roller coaster season of ups and downs and, if we fail to sign anyone, no silverware.

Could this be Arsene Wenger’s last season? Will he be pushed out by the board for failure? Will he be shouted out by the fans? Or will he walk and not renew his contract? One thing is for certain. If he does not buy, and we do not compete, he must go at the end of the season as it will be clear that he is holding us back.

However, as always, when those 11 men cross the white line at The Emirates. We will back them. We will cheer them. We all need to support the team. Because without the fans, we are nothing.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has every contributed or assisted running She Wore throughout any of its incarnations and on all platforms. Without you, we would not be here today. Thanks.

Until next time!

GC and The Team


2 thoughts on “New Site, New Season, Same Old Arsenal

  1. Joe Osborn

    Keep the good work up guys, this will be my first full season with, she wore a yellow ribbon, an I’m already looking forward to it, lets get the show on the road !!!!!!! 👍🍺


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