Wenger Needs to Rest Players in the Champions League

With the loss at Stoke on Saturday the league campaign is once again slipping away. I cant see us maintaining a challenge to finish top. Chelsea seem to be bang in form and with City winning the C1C it’ll give them added momentum to move through the gears and start putting the pressure on to Chelsea. It will be a 2 horse race IMO.

We gave a huge effort against Bayern Munich in the first leg and with 11 players on the pitch the game could have taken a different turn. Had we deservedly gone 1-0 up in the first 10 minutes we would have been confident enough to get the win but it didn’t happen like that and now we have the prospect of going out to Munich 3 days after a massive quarter final against Everton in a competition we have a real chance of winning.

Off target: Mesut Ozil missed from the spot in Arsenal's 2-0 defeat against Bayern Munich on Wednesday night

We need to be selective over the game we choose to be more important and ultimately play a weaker side in the game we deem to be less important. Last season Wenger played a weaker than usual side against Blackburn on a Saturday in the FA Cup, as we were due to play Munich at home on the Tuesday after. This ended in disaster with us losing to Blackburn and then going out against Munich. We should have chosen the more important game and gone all out to win it rather than to try and win both, which was beyond us.
Don’t get me wrong, the team we put out against Blackburn should have won comfortably but they didn’t and so you look at the changes made as the reason why. Squad players that came in were Coquelin, Ox, Diaby and Rosicky I think, and Wenger made a total of 7 changes to the team from the previous game.

If we look at the current situation we need to choose the FA Cup game as the one to win and we need to play a strong side which means playing squad players out in Munich. We are fading in the league, top 4 should still be a formality but a title challenge is becoming more and more distant. Being 2-0 down to Munich is a hard result to overturn especially in their own back yard, yes we did beat them last season 2-0 but I can’t see us doing that again. We have Everton in the FA Cup quarter final in a game we can possibly win. If we get through we have a Semi Final at Wembley with a shot at the final. This has to be the game we target.

It raises the question of the fans. Fans that have paid good money to go out to Munich to follow them and support them, if they saw a weakened side they wouldn’t be happy which is understandable. My Step Dad is one of those fans going out there and he has stated the opposite, he would happily go and support the squad players so long as we play full strength in the cup against Everton. I’m not sure if this opinion is across the board with fans going out to Munich, maybe you could let me know your thoughts.

We have a chance of a trophy and we need to do everything we can to get to that final to win it. Id be disappointed if on Saturday we see changes and players rested for the Munich game. Our squad is not the deepest and its too much to ask to be at full strength for both games.
I truly hope Wenger sees it this way and does the right thing!

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4 thoughts on “Wenger Needs to Rest Players in the Champions League

  1. Matthew Bazell

    Totally agree. We have no chance in the CL. Everton is the most important game of the season make no mistake.

  2. Engin

    There are a few of us flying out to Munich on Monday.
    I’ll be more than happy to support any side he puts out.
    What he needs to do firstly is pull some players from these nonsense internationals on Wednesday. Other managers do it on a regular basis. It’s time Wenger looked after the fans of Arsenal who pay his extortionate wage.
    Play the strongest team available against Everton. If we get through, then by all means play a weaker squad in Germany. Even though I think we’re capable of beating Munich, I don’t think we’re good enough to go all the way.
    At this moment, 3rd place and a day (maybe 2) at Wembley is more than we could have hoped for back in August.

  3. goonpel@aol.com

    Going out to Munich on Monday will happily watch a shadow team if it means wenger plays his strongest team against Everton.even in the unlikely event that we got through against Munich the odds are against us winning it but we can win the F.A. Cup!!

  4. eddie

    good idea because the won’t do anything big against Bayern so they rather rest against Bayern and meet Everton when they are fresh


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