How Arsenal can spend the £100 million

The key news coming out of the Arsenal Supporters Trust March meeting was the common consensus of both the AST, financial experts, and Telegraph Journalist Jeremy Wilson was that Arsenal were going to have a transfer budget of around £100 million this summer.

With this £100 million covering transfer fee’s, wages & agent fees, it is not simply a case of us being able to go out and make 2 Mesut Ozil type transfers. Everything must be considered. So how best would I spend the £100 million?

Julian Draxler

I love this guy. I first spoke about his potential way back in October add my opinion on him has not changed. Arsenal (and Ozil’s) troubles this season has come from lack of runners. With Theo Walcott being are only main pace threat on a regular basis. With a reported £37 million release clause, he would be our big summer signing. We would likely double his £50,000 per week wages he is currently on with Schalke, giving him a 5 year, £100,000 a week deal. By the time you add in bonuses and signing on fee, you would be looking at him costing, in his 1st year, around £45 million. Imagine him on the left, Walcott on the right, suddenly Ozil would be spoilt for choice!

Total cost: £45,000,000

Loic Remy

With the big money going on Julian Draxler, I am of the belief that we buy a ‘lesser’ striker. The fact is, there is a dearth of top strikers currently available in European football. When I say the figure of £35 million banded about for Diego Costa, or £25 million for Mandžukić, it signify’s that when it come’s to strikers, it is a sellers market.

Diego Costa has had one good season – he had never scored more than 10 league goals this season. As for Mandžukić, we would be buying an Olivier Giroud clone. The same age, similar playing style It would not improve us.

Whilst Loic Remy might not be the big name many Arsenal fan’s crave, he actually represents good value and would be the right signing. 19 Premier League in 37 games playing for QPR and Newcastle shows he is Premier League quality. Had he scored them over a season, rather than January to January, he would be one of the top Premier League top goal scorers. As it is, this season he is 4th on the list, 1 ahead of Giroud, 2 ahead of Rooney and Van Persie, and 3 ahead of Lukaku. When you consider the personal problems he has had this season, that is a very good return.

His style of play would also suit Arsenal. With his pace and directness, he would provide us with a different option to Giroud and they would compliment each other well over a league campaign. Currently valued on tranfermarkt at £10.5 million, he would provide a lot better value than Costa or Mandžukić. Currently on £75,000 a week, which is more than Giroud, we would probably offer him similar to that, so as to not upset the apple cart, but supplement it with a large signing on fee to boast his wages

Total cost: £18,00,000

Matthias Ginter

Another player I have been a fan of for a while. Matthias Ginter should be a target not matter what happens with Thomas Vermaelen. At 20 years old, he has the potential to become a top player for years to come. Whilst it would be too soon for him to pub pressure on either Mertesacker or Koscielny, give it 12 months and he could easily be pushing both of them for a 1st team spot.

He also provides a second advantage in that he has played defensive midfield on an occasion for Freiburg. Whilst defensive midfield requires a long term solution, Ginter could provide Flamini and Arteta with short term cover. Big money needs to be spent here, but there probably is not enough in the pot this summer to solve the problem completely. He is likely to cost around £10,000,000 plus wages.

Total cost: £13,000,000

Bacary Sagna

Why is a player already at the club on this list? I hear you ask…Simple. He wants a £6 million signing on fee to remain at the club. Whilst some might feel he is being greedy, it is what he would get if he were to go to Galatasaray, Monaco or PSG. It is his going rate. We should just pay it, secure his services for the next 3 years, and know we have got a top right back who also covers at centre back,

Were we to let Sagna go on a free transfer, it would cost the club a lot more than £6 million in replacing him at right back. We would then need to buy a second player to be 4th choice centre back. £6 million for a player of his experience, ability and versatility is a relative snip. Arsene Wenger should view it as a ‘new transfer’ and use part of the £100 million to finance the deal.

Another 3 years of Sagna will give the club enough time to judge whether either Jenkinson or Bellerin are good enough to be long term replacements, against, savind us a lot of money.

Total cost: £6,000,000

A new goal keeper

Fabianski is likely to leave us at the end of the season. His performances in the FA Cup prove that he is good enough to be a 1st choice Premier League goal keeper next year. Unfortunately we can not offer him that. With it being highly unlikely that Viviano will remain at the club, the scouting network will need to find a goal keeper who is a) good enough for Arsenal and b) happy to sit on the bench. Not an easy task. It is likely we will pluck a goal keeper out of some foreign league who we have never heard of. To go a bit Football Manger here, I would look at Alphonse Areola, currently on loan at Ligue 2 RC Lens, it is unlikely he will ever break into the PSG first team, so would be gettable. This is just a single name off the top of my head though. I would be disappointed if we spent any more than a total of £5,000,000 on transfer fee and wages.

Total cost: £5,000,000

Agent Fee’s

The scum of football. Money paid by clubs to agents to assist in securing a player. It is basically money being taken out of the game by greedy men who often tie young players from poor back ground into long term deals which ensures they make millions from moving the player around Europe like a commodity. It is an unfortunate cost in football. Arsenal have averaged between £5-6 million on agents fee’s each year for the last 3 years. It is unlikely this will change too much.

Total cost: £6,000,000

Total Summer Spend: £93,000,000



12 thoughts on “How Arsenal can spend the £100 million

  1. Dawa

    Arsene will not buy any of those mentioned players. Mark my words. Ad for Sagna, he is good, but at 30years his movement will be slow. Defenders are not as costly as strikers. We can get somebody at that value. Also, if giving runs of games. Jekinson can turn out to be as good as Sagna if not better.


  2. kunle

    we only need a world class striker to make. ur team best in euro and I can only pick two striker that suit ur team are (1)deigo costa, and
    suares even if he will cost us any of the current striker let him go for sake fans.


  3. Liam

    What about Jeremy Menez on a free transfer? We still need Ginter now as will be great in future but if TV5 does leave how about Jolean Lescott on a free. Good to pair him with young Ginter as our back up Centre backs


  4. martin

    we need cavani…with his speed and great sight on goal,can make very good use of ozil…no striker can fit apart from edison cavani


  5. Colin

    I don’t understand the Draxler hype. He doesn’t even get 10 goals a season. I know he will be amazing in a few years, but we don’t need a 40m investment, we need someone who can push us to win the league next season. Antoine Griezmann would be a sound investment there. He’s a left winger (can also play as a Striker. Basically a faster, more intelligent Poldi) who is getting 20 goals at least this season (he’s on 19 with at least 10 games left), and is only 22. Very intelligent. His buy out clause is £25m, but we may get him for cheaper. He’s only on 20k a week, so we could double that to 40k. If Wenger could get him for 20m, even with 50kp/w wages he’d be half the price of Draxler, and be a better solution for now. With him, you could cut out buying Remy, and save about 35m altogether. This could be spent on a Striker to take over for Giroud when he leaves (Giroud never stays more than 2 seasons at a club, and apparently his wife wishes to return to France too). The savings on the winger and striker + Giroud’s transfer fee would pay for Diego Costa (the cheapest 25+ goals a season striker you’re going to get). He already has 30 this season with 12 games left to play. I expect him to reach 35 goals. That’s not a fluke. We’d actually then have enough money left over to pay Bac’s wages. All that, just by buying Griezmann instead of Draxler. That’s 45m + the sale of Giroud. Considering Campbell can play for us next season, we then have 4 Strikers available, not including Podolski and Walcott. It also gives a major boost to Ozil, who needs runs from players like Griezmann and Costa.
    The sale of Vermaelan will probably get us enough money for Ginter who would probably require lower wages. We could then get a 34 year old keeper on a free transfer with the same wages as Fabianski, so it’d just be a 2m signing on fee to pay. That’s 55-60m including agent’s fees, with a world class Striker, and an intelligent, quick winger who gets 15 goals+ a season and can also play as a Striker. We’d also keep our right back and fourth choice CB, get a third choice centre back who can also play cover for Arteta and Flamini and boost our midfield, get a second choice veteran keeper who could teach Szczesny and Martinez a few things, fix our striker problem, and still have at least 40m left over to play around with (i.e. buy youth players and grant new contracts).


  6. adams cruz

    Hi man you need to be at arsenal finacial dicision makers cuse you are good when it comes to expendatures , that is what wenger needs to do class atract class


  7. O-G

    It would be a nice gesture for the club to hold back some of this reported money and either freeze or preferably reduce ticket prices for match-going supporters.

    A lot of money in football is heading to all the wrong places.



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