Money the big winner in the Champions League

The round of 16 Champions League ties are over and there is one big winner. Money.

Recently Deloitte produced it’s yearly Football Money League for 2014. It makes interesting reading as to which clubs around Europe generates the highest revenue:

Real Madrid 518.9
Barcelona 482.6
Bayern Munich 431.2
Manchester United 423.8
Paris Saint-Germain 398.8
Manchester City 316.2
Chelsea 303.4
Arsenal 284.3
Juventus 272.4
AC Milan 263.5
Borussia Dortmund 256.2
Liverpool 240.6
Schalke 04 198.2
Tottenham Hotspur 172
Inter Milan 168.8
Galatasaray 157
Hamburg 135.4
Fenerbahçe 126.4
Roma 124.4
Atlético de Madrid 120

What it further highlights is just how important money is in football these days. The mantra “He who earns the most tends to achieve the most” certainly applies in the modern game. On simple terms, all 8 sides in the Quarter Final’s of this years Champions League are members of the top 20 richest clubs in Europe. But it go’s further then that. Only one side in this years last 16 progressed against a side who has a bigger revenue then it, Atletico Madrid…

Bayern Munich (€431.2m) beat Arsenal (€284.3m)
Barcelona (€482.6m) beat Manchester City (€316.2m)
PSG (€398.8m) beat Bayern Leverkuson (unranked)
Atletico Madrid (€120m) beat AC Milan (€263.5)
Chelsea (€303.4m) beat Galatasary (€157m)
Real Madrid (€518.9m) beat Schalke 04 (€198.2m)
Dortmund (€256.2m) beat Zenith (unranked)
Manchester United (€423.8m) beat Olympiakos (unranked)

It is a clear indicator of the affect money has on the game. It will be interesting to see if the semi-final’s follow the same pattern.

They say football is an unpredictable game, where anyone can beat anyone. Whilst this is true (Wigan beating Manchester City for example) it is clear that money is making the game more predictable.



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