Not 10 reasons why we will beat Saints + my Starting 11ish

I like to be honest, not just about my thoughts on The Arsenal but in life in general, so here goes, I aint got too much of a clue about half the players on the pitch tonight. So here’s what I do know…

1) Wenger always rest’s his 1st choice keeper for these games, so expect David Ospina to start, the first Colombian to play for our club.

2) With the biggest home game of the season coming up this Saturday I don’t want to see any of the defenders who have started so far this season risked and that includes Bellerin who sadly is likely to play due to no-one else.

3) Diaby – People seem to remember him as versatile midfield general, I have even seen someone say he can play CB. The truth in his whole 9 years and 40 odd injuries (@ £50k a week) he had 3 or 4 decent games for us. We and him would of been much better off claiming on the insurance years ago.

4) Southampton have had a great start to the season and will fancy turning us over tonight.

5) First team squad players who should get a run out include – ~Podolski, Campbell, Rosicky, Coquelin (yes he is still with us).

6) Hayden and Ajayi from our Academy may get there first games for the first team.

7) Akpom is also listed as in the squad tonight

8) Well done to the club for yet again having sensible ticket prices for tonight’s game, £10 lower, £20 upper.

9) Wenger has never won the League cup.

10)  Wenger knows he can’t take any risks with any defenders tonight after failing miserably to reinforce that part of the squad this summer.

A starting 11 pure guess – Ospina, Coquelin, Hayden, Ajayi, Bellerin, Flamini,Diaby, Rosicky, Campbell,Podolski, Akpom.




3 thoughts on “Not 10 reasons why we will beat Saints + my Starting 11ish

  1. brdgunner (@brdgunner)

    My team would be:


    Bellerin Chambers Hayden Flamini

    Coq Rosicky

    Campbell Jack Podolski


    The bench would be:

    Martinez, Gibbs, Ajayi, Diaby, Sanchez, Ozil, Santi,

    Obviously, I would prefer to keep Chambers safe, however, we all know how short we are and can’t afford to put two junior players in CB against Southampton. We need to keep momentum as well as anything else.


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