10 reasons why we will beat villa + my starting 11

1) Szczesny – After praising him in most of the 10 Reasons this season he goes and has a few mares, so far this season he has conceded on the first shot he’s had fired at him in every game. I still trust him tho.

2) Our defense is strengthened with the return of 19yr old Chambers after his sore throat, I’d still rather see specialist Bellerin at Right back and have Chambers on the bench if needed.

3) Jack and Aaron 2 top class young British midfielders, both have the lot, both struggle to look good in the same side, could today be the day they click ? They both need to take more responsibility in protecting the defense, one needs to drop back when the other goes forward, they can do this without impairing what they give going forwards, they just need to think more.

4) Santi, stories I heard in the summer was he wanted to return to Spain, but was blocked, another player who can destroy teams on his day and he should be bought in today.

5) Ozil, play him down the left or the right or down the middle, just dont expect him to track back.

6) Alexis one game soon he is going to hammer a team, I’d like to see him running onto more balls than having his back to goal

7) Welbeck today’s the day, lump your mortgage on him scoring.

8) Villa have 10points from 4 games, conceding only 1 goal but scoring only 4.

9) Villa along with Chelsea and us are the only unbeaten teams left this season.

10) Wenger knows that we have been pretty poor this season so far, he has to pull it out the bag today or there will be a meltdown.

My starting 11 – Chesney, Bellerin, Kos, BFG, Gibbs, Jack, Ramsey, Santi, Ozil (free role) Alexis, Welbeck. (4-2-3-1)



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