10 reasons why we will beat Swansea + my starting 11

1) The team will want to make amends for the disgraceful performance mid-week.

2) Wenger will want to prove he’s not tactically naive and maybe he will react in-game.

3) Monreal isn’t that bad at CB, he isn’t that good either tho.

14) Theo must finally be ready to start a game.

5)  Swansea have only won once of their last 7 Prem games.

6) If we win we will move into 4th…

17) Alexis Sanchez, someone may finally clock on and join in with his tracking and chasing and general work ethic on the pitch.

8) Ramsey is Welsh, the game is in Wales, he might start showing some form, if picked. (yes i am running out of reasons)

9) Jack is back from an illness, one of the few players who seems to have some passion all the time.

10) Wenger knew –

My Starting 11 –  Chesney, Bellerin, BFG, Chambers, Gibbs, Ox, Jack, Flamini, Theo, Alexis, Welbeck


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