10 Reasons why we will beat Aston Villa + Starting 11

1) Aston Villa have not won for 7 Premier League games. There last victory was on 7th December against Leicester

2) Infact, they only have 2 Premier League victories since they beat Liverpool on 13th September

3) Aston Villa have scored just 11 goals this season – the lowest in the Premier League

4) They have not scored in 8 hours 42 minutes

5) Meanwhile, Arsenal are looking for their 3rd clean sheet and third victory in a row

6) David Ospina has yet to concede a goal in the Premier League

7) And Arsenal have just spent money on a new centre back, and it is not even transfer deadline day until tomorrow!

8) Alexis Sanchez might be out, but our last 13 goals have been scored by 10 different players. One man team?

9) Theo Walcott got his first goal after his injury lay off against Brighton. Hopefully this will see the confidence return and he will reignite the player who scored 21 goals in 2012/13

10) We are The Arsenal and we are The Best

Likely Starting 11
Bellerin Mertesacker Koscielny Gibbs
Walcott Ramsey Cazorla Ozil

Find us in The George today from 11am. First 20 in get a free Oyster Card holder


1 thought on “10 Reasons why we will beat Aston Villa + Starting 11

  1. Ryan

    You are looking at it all wrong..

    1. Aston Villa have the 3rd best defensive away record.
    2. Aston Villa have recently brought Gil who has changed the whole balance we scored 2 goals against a very tricky Bournemouth team who aren’t shy on confidence topping the Championship.
    3, Aston Villa now have two wingers on the wing instead of two strikers on the wing.
    4. Aston Villa have beaten Arsenal twice at the emirates in the last 5 outings.
    5. You are under estimating this Villa side.
    6, We have Benteke who will want to prove how good he is against future suitors Arsenal.
    7. Delph has signed a new contract giving the whole team a boost.
    8. Sinclair is ready to prove what he is capable of on his debut.
    9. Aston Villa have no pressure to get a result because it’s Arsenal away.
    10. Villa aren’t intimidated by the top4 having the best record vs the top 4 last season than any other, Villa will start clicking soon and unfortunately for Arsenal it could be this Sunday.



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