Football Fans Demonstration – Today (Noon) – Central London

For those who do not already know, today fans from up and down the country are putting their rivalries aside to get together protest at the meeting of the Premier League shareholders in Central London.

Three of Arsenal’s four fan groups – RedAction, Arsenal Supports Trust, & the Black Scarf Movement – have got together to represent the interests of Arsenal fans at the demonstration.

Arsenal’s fourth fans group, AISA (Arsenal Independent Supporters Association) will be going to the protest separate from the other 3 groups.

The protest is in response to the recently announced £5.14bn TV deal and how little of it is to be reinvested into fans. As clubs income continues to sky rocket through TV and sponsorship deals, ticket prices also continue to rise, pricing out many fans who have been going for decade.

At the shareholders meeting, Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore will present a letter to shareholders on behalf of the Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) and fans of all 20 Premier League club.

One of the main demands of the FSF is for away tickets to be capped at £20. The FSF have long campaigned that Twenty’s Plenty.

According to the BBC, the letter will also contain demands that:

  • Every Premier League club to set aside £1m per season, primarily to subsidise ticket prices for their away fans
  • A “structured engagement” with supporters at every club to consult on how to spend that £1m subsidy
  • An end to clubs categorising games for away fans and charging different prices depending on which team is visiting
  • No reduction in away ticket allocations or relocation of away fans to inferior accommodation

At She Wore, we have always backed the work of the FSF and the Arsenal fan groups in trying to get a better deal for match day fans, and we thank those involved who give up their time to fight on behalf of the fans.

If you are in Central London today, whether you are a student, a cab driver, work in the City, or have the day off, get yourself down to the protest. Add your voice:

Date/venue/time: Le Méridien (21 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BH) on Thursday 26th March (midday) – map here. Fans should gather directly outside the main entrance. The meeting is arranged by the PL, we’re targeting it to deliver our message but have no control over when/where it takes place. The nearest tube is Piccadilly Circus.

For too long, match day fans have been ignored by the footballing authorities. It is time for that to end.

Even as recently as this week, tickets were found on a secondary market place, selling tickets for the FA Cup Semi Final for nearly £400. These are tickets which would have gone to the ‘football family’ being touted for profit, something which is illegal in the UK. The fact that the FA turn a blind eye to this, and actually continue supplying these sort of people with tickets, shows how little they care about proper fans.

For further details about today’s protest, and for what action you can undertake even if you can not make today’s protest, CLICK HERE.

Remember, football without fans is nothing.




1 thought on “Football Fans Demonstration – Today (Noon) – Central London

  1. ThomB

    Well done on being one of the very few Arsenal blogs that has highlighted this protest this morning. I guess it is not of much interest to most of them as they and their ‘followers’ are so far removed, detached and distant from the UK and London that moaning about some so- called ‘interlull’ is as important to them.



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