Transfer Window Dismay for Gunners: Caution will cost us

There can be no justification why Arsene Wenger didn’t add to his squad this season with a world class outfield player. The timely arrival of Petr Cech definitely appeased concerns about the goalkeeping position at the Emirates but with money in the bank, why didn’t Wenger sign a defensive midfielder or striker?

There’s no denying that the Gunners have the financial clout to sign an elite footballer, even director Lord Harris said in an interview that the club could sign any footballer in the world apart from Lionel Messi or Ronaldo.

This only frustrates fans even more especially with the less than convincing start to the season we’ve had. Although we know Wenger will never buy for the sake of buying, surely the warning signs were there after a dismal display against West Ham on the opening day, and a lackluster performance against Liverpool. What makes things even worse is the figures released recently regarding the new television deals that have been brokered with Sky and BT. Clubs will now receive £81 million each if they are in the Premier League (PL).arsenal-15-16-home-kit

With broadcasters expanding their reach and the Premier League leveraging new digital platforms, the money now going to clubs is staggering. The accessibility that fans now have to watch PL content around the world has also meant that the television deals have skyrocketed. Leading web development company Gaming Realms predicted in 2012 that “mobile Internet would have a huge presence on the tech landscape,” and this has actually transcended across many different verticals including football. Companies like Sky and BT used insights like this to help reinforce their digital arms and help them increase their customer base.  Click to view Gaming Realms handiwork, and see how important it is now to optimise websites to make them mobile-friendly.

So what is the club doing with all this money that they are generating? You also have to factor into the equation that Arsenal season tickets are the most expensive in the PL. Which led former midfielder Paul Merson to question the Frenchman’s transfer dealings.

The disturbing things is, if it gets to January and the Gunners are a significant way behind the leading teams, they will then have to pay through the nose for a player they could have got cheaper this summer. Is there any logic in that, really?

Paul Harper

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