Arsenal set to continue Awesome October

By the time we all sit down for Match of the Day tomorrow with a Horlicks, Arsenal could be top of the league.

Yes, you read that right. TOP OF THE LEAGUE.

Despite losing the first game of the season, and the damaging destruction by Mike Dean against Chelsea, Arsenal could return to the summit of the league table, showing our title credentials.

And it is all due to what has so far been an Awesome October.

With a game against Everton coming up, Arsenal have an opportunity to continue a fine month for the club which has so far seen us:

  • Dismantle Manchester United 3-0
  • Beat Watford 3-0, a game which we would have previously lost 1-0
  • Bust our way back into Champions League contention with a 2-0 win over Bayern Munich

Everton at home up next, followed by the Sheffield Wednesday fixture in the League Cup, and a tie against Swansea (will be a cracking weekend for the Arsenal away fans) to finish the month off on Halloween.

Arsenal could do, what would have been unthinkable after THAT transfer window. Go through October unbeaten and finish it top of the league.

Of course, I know that trophies are not given out in October. They are given out in May. But a month like we have thus far had can only put a smile on your face. Even if you want Wenger to go, the 3 victories so far would have put a skip in your step on the Monday morning at work.

So come on The Arsenal. Let’s continue this run, and see us top, for a few hours at least, tomorrow evening.

Up The Arse



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