Arsene Wenger’s Black Friday Diary

Thursday 8pm – Better go to bed early. My TV and fridge have been inadequate for a few years now. TV has suffered a few reliability issues recently. Does not always turn on. Was without one for a few weeks the other month. About time I bought better ones.

Friday 6am – It’s Black Friday! Deals to be had!

6.05am – Just remember I have committed to go to Paris for a charity event today. Want an idiot. Double booking on Black Friday.

8am – The Eurostar has free wifi. Result. Will do Black Friday online. Probably better than going to Asda like last year anyway.

8.30am – Just seen Curry’s offering Samsung Smart Ultra HD 4k 55” Curved LED TV. Reduced from £1,149 to £998. Great TV. Still too pricey for my liking thought. Just don’t see value in it. Paying a lot for it being curved.

8.35am – Result. Just seen they have a Samsung  mart Ultra HD 4k 60″ LED TV. Was £1,449. Now just £899. It is better than what I have. And that price is quality.

8.40am – Not yet bought the TV. Is it really worth it. £899 is a lot to pay. After all, my TV still works. It might be old and past its best, but it does a job.

8.45am – Hmmmmm. Think I will think about it for a bit.

9am – Think I will wait until  I get to Paris to make the decision

10.22am – In Paris. Coffee and croissant time.

11.30am – Is there any better way to unwind then sitting in a Parisian cafe with an espresso and a fresh croissant? Now that TV. Think I will go for it.

11.31am – Darn. All sold old. That will teach me for dithering. Better get off to the charity event.

3pm – All done. 20 emails on my phones offering Black Friday deals. Will check them on the train home.

4pm – Just seen on eBay a Hotpoint Free Standing 55cm Fridge Freezer. £197 or best offer. Offered £30.

4.10pm – Offer rejected. Now offered £35.

4.15pm – Received email from eBay seller “stop taking the piss. Please put in a serious offer. Will consider anything over £170”

4.17pm – Offer £171. Cheeky.

4.18pm – Received another Email. “What are you smoking over there? Do not bother bidding on anything I am selling again. You are blocked”. Oh well.

5pm – Result. One of them Emails was from my pal at the scrap yard. They have just been given a fridge. Said I can have it for free.

7pm – Back in London. Still need a TV. Really not sure what to do. Will head home and evaluate.

7.30pm – Looking at my old TV brings back so many memories. Everything we have been through together. It has been a stalwart of my entertainment system. It has done a job. So loyal. Surely I should be loyal to it.

8pm – Just heard Argos are selling a Bush 50” FHD LED TV for £289. Now that is cheap. But it is not the best TV. Reviews say terrible picture and very poor sound quality. I just do not think it is top quality that I need. Will give it a miss.

11pm – Whoops. Feel asleep. Better see what is still available. Only an hour to go.

11.10pm – Great news. Just bought a blender. Tesco Basics. £10.50.

11.15pm – People say I do not always spend money. Well two deals in 5 minutes. Just bought some socks. My feet have been cold recently. Pack of 3 grey ones from Debenhams. Was £10. Now £5. Saved myself a fiver. Imagine what a fool I would be if I jumped the gun and bought these yesterday.

11.17pm – It is all go in the Wenger household. Just bought a toaster. £25. £25 for a toaster. Bit pricey. But hey, They dont call me a big spender for anything. Quite ironic really. I borrowed one from my neighbour yesterday. Won’t tell him though. I now own 2 toasters!

11.30pm – Lads, lads, lads, it is all going off. Just got myself an Amazon Fire 7″ tablet. OK, it is not an iPad or an Android. But at £34.99, it basically does the same job as the more expensive ones. Just not as good. Great deal though.

11.45pm – 15 minutes to go. What a day it has been. So happy with my purchases so far. Got some great deals. And that free fridge. What a bargain. No TV yet though. Just not the sufficient quality at a reasonable price on the market.

11.55pm – Currys have chucked another discount on the Samsung Smart Ultra HD 4k 55”. Another £200 off. Now just £699. Now that is a deal.

11.56pm  – Where is my bank card?

11.57pm – Seriously. Where is it?

Saturday 12.01am – Found my bank card

12.05am – Darn. It is saying I have missed the deadline. So disappointing. Was a great deal. Looks like I will have to make do.

12.10am – What a day spending. A free fridge, a blender, a toaster, socks and a tablet. Whilst I remember, I need to take my tablets. £75.49 spent today. Still got £32million in my bank account. Keeping my powder dry for the January sales.

12.11am – Bit of TV before bed.

12.12am – TV broken down. Not turning on. Didn’t see that coming.

12.13am – Might as well go to sleep. Will buy a new TV in January. will do without till then.




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