Arsene Wenger the Fraudulent Genius

“Proof that Wenger is a genius” they all cried after the miracle in Greece. And whilst it was a brilliant result, it was certainly no proof that Arsene Wenger was a genius.

I would like to think I am a fairly honest fella. I call it how I see it. If someone is over critical of Arsenal, I will call them out on it. In the same way, it people give praise where praise really should not be due, then I will pick them up on it.

And after the Greece victory, Arsene Wenger has got a lot of praise, which is, in my opinion, not really due to him.

The fact is, Arsenal should never have been going to Greece on the last match day of Champions League qualifying in the position they were.

The first two games left us with 0 points with a double header against Bayern Munich to come up. How we lost to Zagreb & Olympiakos is beyond me. It ultimately came down to team selection and motivation. It was Wenger’s fault.

So he put us in the position we were in after 2 games. And yet we got out of it, and now we praise Wenger for getting us out of it. The man who put us in the hole is praised for digging us out of it. Odd.

Situations like this have gone on throughout Arsene Wenger’s career.

So often people – including myself – have spoken about how well he has done on a limited transfer budget. Yet especially in recent years, it is him who has decided not to spend. Surely we should be criticising for not spending, rather than praising for finishing 4th whilst not spending?

Or the injuries. I have seen people praise him for winning games despite a lot of injuries. Yet it is Wenger who built a squad which has half a dozen injury prone players. It is his fault that the squad has too many injured players, so lets not praise him for winning a game despite the injuries.

You would not praise a builder for finishing a job that he cocked up half way through. Or praise a doctor for curing an illness despite previously misdiagnosing it numerous times.

Imagine your mate pushed you into a lake. Would you then praise him for jumping in and getting you out? No, Because he put you there.

The fact is, this ‘Wenger Genius’ tag put on the Frenchman after the win in Greece is false.

Yes, the side should get praise. The way we got out of the hole was brilliant. And the 3-0 win away in Greece is a memory that will never be taken away from the fans who travelled and got held in the stadium for hours after. But the fact is, do we praise the man as a genius who got us in the hole foe getting us out? NO.


11 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger the Fraudulent Genius

  1. Wolfgang

    tually this last minute stress could have been avoided if Cezh had played.I think the most
    Wenger can achieve is a qf,especially since the defensive md is still a problem area.


  2. Nigel Benson

    It’s patently obvious that SWAYR writers are young, plastic, glory-hunters who only became Arsenal fans in the Premier League era.
    And, more than likely, after our 1998 title win.
    It’s not opinion, but fact, that Arsene Wenger is the most successful manager in Arsenal history.
    We had won one title in nearly 40 years, when I started supporting The Gunners in 1977.
    I could never have dreamed of what Arsene has achieved.
    The ignorant kids who write on this site aren’t true Arsenal fans.
    They don’t support the club through thick and thin,
    As a true Arsenal supporter, I don’t know you.


  3. RichSAAlao

    Man!!!!!!!! Your write up is from hate sentiment ingnited by your co-hater,G. do you mean pple should not get praised for doing their normal job, talkless when it was done in an exciting and memorable way. guy you on way to hell!!!!! hnnnmn!


  4. redanddread

    I think you’re being a bit harsh in your critique as “on paper” both our teams that lost to Zagreb & Olympiacos had enough quality to win those games. The back-ups didn’t stand up to the test. I know several people questioned Wenger’s decision to play Ospina but tbh, I had no problem with that at the time- who would have thunk he’d have blundered so badly. Yes, the TEAM dug a hole for themselves but they did get themselves out of it heroically in the end.

    Wenger probably underestimated the opposition and overestimated the quality of his own players. It was early season and several of the players in these two early CL games were in need of game time. He rotated a little too much and the back-ups did them selves no favours.

    He made some mistakes in his team selection but the players didn’t cover themselves in glory. However, calling him fraudulent is being a bit fraudulent yourself.


  5. Stan

    Wow. You mean Wenger knew what the opposition line-up would be, planned to play the way his own team played in response to the way they would play, which he also knew ahead of time. He also knew the results before they happened, planned for the players that would be injured before they got injured, all the while knowing perfectly that he would get us out. Brilliant logic! Wenger must know who will win this season’s league then, and probably the result of every Arsenal match from now till May ends. Wow, just wow! You are right that he’s not a genius. He must be God!

    But some of us think he not. With what he achieved with the hole he dug himself in, coming out the way he did…yeah, he must be a genius!


  6. Mick M

    Yeah he’s a right wanker Wenger. You’re the real genius mate. That Wenger’s won three PL titles, won more FA Cups than any other idiot in the history of English football, produced a team that’s gone unbeaten for an entire season. Overseen the club build and occupy a state of the art stadium. The French bastard’s unearthed untold, unknown players and produced some of the most exciting football played over the last forty five years… You, on the other hand, have managed to make a complete and utter mug of yourself over the internet. Well done.


  7. gee

    Man Utd , Tottenham, Liverpool fans would all rip your hand off if you offered them our position for theirs. I agree with everyone else on here, you are a right mug. Are you that guy from arsenal truth who could not bring himself to write up anything positive after wining 2 FA cups in a row but spend his life trying to find fault in Wenger for any little thing. Please go away you don’t rep the club


  8. Philbet

    I really don’t know what you get off on!! She Wore a Wenger hating bigoted boring piece of internet garbage, Wenger’s not perfect but sometimes this site can be a total embarrassment to The Arsenal. To reuse a WOB oft used statement, repeatedly expecting perfection from a human being and being repeatedly disappointed when it fails to materialize is a fair sign of Lunacy!!!


  9. herbie

    We came second in a group that we were expected to come second in. We got the first two games wrong but made up for it in the end. We are second in the premier league when most would have expected us to be 4th or 5th. Still in the title race, still in the CL. Still whining????



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