We don’t want to watch you whip, or watch Elneny

Arsenal fans are an embarrassment at times.

No more so recently than the group of fans who did the Macarena whilst singing about Per Mertesacker.

It was cringe worthy. It was embarrassing. And it was a sad indictment on the modern fan.

Coupled with the rise of the Lad Bible Fan, following Arsenal away has changed over recent years. It no longer feels as fun as it was. Maybe I am just getting old. Maybe I am out of touch. Maybe I am the one who is no fun.

There used to be a time when going away felt like Brothers in Arms. Keep your head down. Back each other. Get through the day. Now it seems everyone is there to become famous. To get their YouTube video to go viral. To make a general fool of themselves.

And the singing of Mohamed Elneny has filled me with dread.

There is a song, aimed at 12 year old girls. Very similar to Soulja Boy Tell’em – Crank That (Soulja Boy) of a few years ago. It is called Watch Me by a 17 year old ‘rapper’ by the name of Silentó. It is an awful song, which, like Crank That and Gangman Style, seems to have become popular.

Now normally, I would have no issue with this. If you want to listen to crap music, feel free. Where I do have an issue is when people plan to bring these crap tunes, and the dance, to the terraces.

Clearly these type of fans do not go away. They probably do not even go to home games. But it gets worse

This will open us up to more ridiculing than we already get due to our cringe worthy fans. I can picture it now. Grown shirted men at a football ground, doing the Nae Nae dance in the terraces.

No thanks.

Think of your actions. Do not embarrass yourself. Do not embarrass those around you.

Remember who you are and what you represent.


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3 thoughts on “We don’t want to watch you whip, or watch Elneny

  1. Waynegooner87

    Jesus imagine what your like around christmas! Bah humbug! Bloody lighten up mate at least we are not racially abusing people at train stations!

  2. asdabee

    In all the drama that goes on at arsenal,to think some fans still find time t lighten things up and you’re here just posting ‘un-click-worthy’ articles day after day is just a shame. Have your articles gotten us that star striker we want? Or has it won us the league? Go easy on urself mate


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