The Arsenal are in the title race

The Arsenal are in the title race.

Third in the league, playing the league leaders next week, we could be sitting here a week today just 2 points off top.

Recently, it has felt a bit shit to be an Arsenal fan.

Before yesterday, we had won just one Premier League game in 2016. After being the form team of 2015, our title challenge was collapsing around us.

On the field we have been in disarray in 2016.

Off the field it has been no better.

Yet another transfer window where we have kept our powder dry followed up with 3 days later that disgraceful email from the club about Barcelona being Cat A a surcharge set to be added to our season ticket costs at the end of the season.

I have never known Arsenal fans to be at such a low eb, both online and in the pubs. There was nothing to be positive about.

Then we have Bournemouth.

A proper old fashioned away  at tiny stadium in a backwards part of the country. A small allocation made the atmosphere feel a little bit older, a bit more mature, a bit more old school. No beer throwing. A few old songs sang. NO BEER THROWING.

And we win. 2-0. With 2 quick goals. Something to keep us warm for the half hour trek back to the station in the wind and rain.

The Bournemouth victory certainly does not paper over the cracks of the last month, and does not hide the fact that the greedy head of our club has reared itself once more, but what it should do is remind us that there is a league title to be fighting for.

I often see a lot of people make two statements.

Love The Arsenal, hate those running it
It’s Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC

I completely agree with both statements. And it is important therefore that over the next few weeks, Arsenal FC, the 11 men out on the pitch, get our full backing.

You might hate Wenger, but do not let this hatred for the man allow you to continually get on the back of the team.

You might be disgusted by the way the men running the club are currently running the club, but do not let this hatred for the board allow you to continually get on the back of the team.

Yes, protests are planned. Against ticket pricing. Against kick off times. Against Sky. Against everything there is to hate, to despise about the modern game. And these protests are justifiable. They are needed.

But at the end of the day, it is the XI men on the pitch we turn up to cheer on. They are the ones going to win us the league title this year. They are the ones we need to be backing.

So remember, back the team through thick and thin, no matter if you are not currently backing those running it.



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