White Knight Danny Welbeck Destroys the Evil Leicester

Cheaters never prosper.

Or at least that is how the old Chinese proverb 骗子永远繁荣昌盛 go’s.

For 94 minutes yesterday, it seemed like the cheats were going to win. Or get a draw. Until White Knight Danny Welbeck rode in from the Arsenal treatment table to become the Arsenal hero of the day. Saving the sides league title challenge. Saving football for all of humanity. Ensuring the dirty horrible Leicester did not win.


Jamie Vardy, with looks like an evil goblin, was chief cheat. Going down like he was the incarnation of Andy Johnson to cheat his way to a penalty.

We have all complained already about the biased coverage, but in case you have not already seen it, Scouse evil fairy Danny Murphy said something along the lines of:

“It was a blatant penalty. Nacho Monreal planted his foot on the floor. He has no right to plant his foot on the floor. It was an utter disgrace. The way Monreal attacked the ground, causing shockwaves that were felt in Christchurch, New Zealand has no place on a football field. Jamie Vardy was unable to keep his feet. It was a 100% penalty.”

And Jamie Vardy scored that penalty. Celebrating with a face only a mother and people from Stoke could love. And the cheating did not end that there.

Other incidents – not mentioned on MOTD2, include a dive by Riyad Mahrez and a hand ball by N’Golo Kanté, where he was clearly auditioning for the French National Volleyball Team.

And then we come to Danny Simpson.

He spent much of the first half kicking Alexis Sanchez at every opportunity. Eventually he was righty booked. Then early in the second half, he pulled Alexis Sanchez as if he was holding hands on a Valentines Day date. He was given his 2nd booking and sent off. It then took him 4 minutes to leave the field of play – Will the FA extend his ban for failing to leave the field of play?

Probably not.

Evil, the whole lot of them.

Leicester are clearly cursed. It seems like their players are inflicted with a curse that means that when their number go’s up on the 4th official’s board, they lose their ability to walk. It took a life time for each one of their substitutions to take place as they almost crawled to the touch line,

And then we have that challenge by Danny Drinkwater on Aaron Ramsey. It was a red card. Our friend Danny Murphy did not like it at all.

“I hate seeing that”

Of course, he was talking about the disgusting potential leg breaking challenge. Or was he?

So here we have a pundit, an ex-professional football player, saying that Vardy has every right to go down for the penalty, but hate’s seeing a player go down after being on the end of a potential leg breaking challenge. One which Drinkwater felt so bad about himself that he actually apologised to Ramsey at the final whistle.

Maybe the BBC will apologise to tax payers for employing such rubbish pundits?

Danny Murphy, you are a disgrace. Hope when someone hits you with a car, and you role over the bonnet and onto the pavement a few times, the ambulance man says “Oh, I do not like seeing that much” and walks off.

As for the referee. Martin Atkinson, the new Mike Dean? He is a disgraceful referee. The only thing consistent about him was his consistency.

Taking out the penalty and the diving, he seemed to change the hand ball rule as he went along.

At one point penalising Alexis Sanchez for a handball whilst running, he then failed to penalise Vard for the same incident. And then we have the Kante one. His arm was out straight and it was straight infront of the linesman. How a penalty was not given, Atkinson is the only one who can answer. Sadly, refs are answerable to no one.

And then rewinding the incident for the Leicester penalty, some bloke was climbing so on Mesut Ozil’s back it was like he was trying to reach heaven from hell. No free kick given, and luckily for us at the final whistle he was sent back to where he came from.

In the 95th minute, Mesut Ozil and Danny Welbeck combined to save the day. And the world was right again.

Good rose above evil and The Arsenal won 2-1.


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12 thoughts on “White Knight Danny Welbeck Destroys the Evil Leicester

  1. Notadeludedarsenalfan

    You are incredibly deluded, the penalty was as clear as your trophy cabinet. And you have the nerve to call Leicester evil when your sorry excuses of footballers were in the refs ear and waving their imaginary cards at any opportunity. Not to mention the amount of rolls your players go on to insure there’s a card, Sanchez looked like he was going to roll across the whole pitch at one point. The only evil in that match was Arsenal and we’ll see at the end of the season that cheaters won’t prosper.

  2. Wolfgang

    Thank god for Welbeck. Now with the squad I feel Arsenal can challenge on all fronts.
    Read the special one may be at MU for the Arsenal game. I say bring it on.
    Its about time Wenger gets the monkey off his back.\
    I hope a well respected ex ref can give his comments on the penalty. You never know.

  3. a

    Arsenal were disgusting and disgraceful throughout the whole match. Disgusting. Well, I hope you’re proud of your players for moaning, complaining, rolling around (look at Sanchez) and asking for opposition players to be booked. 70 minutes until Arsenal even had a shot on target. Pathetic. Spurs are clearly going to finish above Arsenal anyway. Enjoy it.

  4. Bas

    English F.A should suspend martin atkinson if they don’t they are anot fair.this is why i don’t called premier league the best league

  5. Pete

    So glad they water the pitch prior to kick off at “The Library”. It softens the ground for Giroud and Sanchez to dive into, before they spring into life brandishing a pretend yellow card.

    Drinkwater’s challenge was a bad one, as was the the theatrical roll which followed! If by magic Ramsey also used the soft pitch to immediately bounce back up from after his 4th roll. He was fine!

    Cock-elin should have seen a second yellow card for persistently pushing Mahrez to get off the pitch after being substituted!

    But Leicester being dirty? I thought you managed to rack up four yellow cards yourself? I agree that Atkinson was shocking and ruined the game!

    Enjoy the result though… Watching Arsenal and their fans celebrate like they’ve won the league was impressive! There was more noise outside the stadium after than any noise you lot made during the 90 mins! Worst atomospehere I’ve seen this season! Although we’re only little old Leicester who’ve spent next to nothing in comparison to your millions… Yet we’re still two points ahead of you who are cutrently in third behind Spurs!

    We were happy when we reached 40 points… The rest of this is dreamland for us! If we can reach your converted 4th place in the league that would be a much bigger achievement than Wenger winning the league for the first time in 12 seasons.

    Like I say enjoy it and keep on dreaming of that league title… There’s no harm in dreaming… Our players and fans are constantly pinching ourselves!

  6. Wolfgang

    Arsenal had so many shots at goal but couldn’t score. Blame it on the 9/10 men Foxes wall. Erikksen went through the MC defence and with one shot,hit the winner.Why the contrast between Spurs scoring and Arsenal facing great odds.
    The thing is ,imho,Spurs were more direct and had less passing compared to Arsenal.This did not give defenders time to mass .By then it was too late.
    We will know for sure whenArsenal play Spurs.If the ref is 100% impartial and does not give a dodgy penalty,I believe Arsenal can win. Especially if the gunners play like the team that swarmed MU 3-0.


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