Another Letter to Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger. It is time to shut up.

Over the years, you have had the backing of the majority, including myself. You now have the backing of the minority. And the more you continue to have a go at the fans, the fans that have, in the many, backed you through star players leaving & trophyless years, the less there will be willing to stand with you.

Recent comments made in the media as recently as Monday highlight a delusion. A view point held that is a long way from the truth. A delusion which shows that you do not understand the frustrations within the fan base.

“I think after the Tottenham game where we played a very good game with 10 men against 11 and came back to 2-2, I couldn’t understand why – at the moment when you need everyone behind the team – we had to hit that storm. From the media, OK. From our fans? It is a bit more difficult to take.”

Yes, we drew 2-2 with Tottenham, after being down 10 men. It was an OK result. Not the brilliant result you might make it out to be. As we should have won had we kept 11 men on the field. But it was an OK result.

The lack of understanding as to why the fans are turning on mass is what worries. It has nothing to do with the Tottenham result.

Look at the 4 results previous to the Tottenham result…

  • Losing at home to a Swansea team which was missing half it’s first 11.
  • Failing to beat the worst Manchester United side in 3 decades
  • Barcelona at home
  • Drawing with a Hull City B team in the Cup

And the apathy began growing long before that run of 1 draw and 3 defeats.

Look at our form in all competitions between topping the table after victory against Newcastle and that draw against Spurs nearly 2 months to the day later.


If you believe that after that set of results, which saw us go from favourites to out of the running in the league, gives fans no right to get on your back, to question you, then you are deluded. 4 wins in 13.

And after the Spurs game, despite the fans backing the boys, things did not exactly improve.

Out of the FA Cup against Watford
Out the Champions League against Barcelona

And here is the frustrating thing Mr Wenger. Despite this form, the fans still turned up, still behind the team for 90 minutes.

Despite Hull being a midweek game, arranged at short notice, thousands travelled.

5,000 went to Barcelona. Despite being 2-0 down from the first leg. And stood in the cold, wind and rain for 90 minutes. Backing the team. Doing us proud.

At Everton, for 90 minutes, the sell out away crowd – and we always sell out, not matter what – backed the side for the 90 minutes. It was only in injury time, with the game won, did the tide turn. And we did not get on the players, or even your, back. It was aimed at Silent Stan. And at the final whistle, as we always do, the players got cheered off the pitch.

Arsene, you moan that we are not behind the team. Well I do not know what you are hearing are watching, but it is clear, we are behind the team. The sell out away crowds show that. We do back the team. It is you, and the board we no longer back.

If you honestly think we are not behind the team. If you do not think results this year gives fans the right to throw the odd dissenting voice your way, then you are clearly losing it.

Shut up and get on with your job. Which is winning football games.

You once said that you would listen to the fans. That if the fans wanted you gone, you would go. But now the fans are finding their voice, calling for you to go, you ignore it. You deride it. You say we should not have a voice.

It is time to walk Arsene. Leave a legacy of greatness. Not bitterness.

The loyal Arsenal fanbase deserves better.



13 thoughts on “Another Letter to Arsene Wenger

  1. Steve.

    Regarding the letter to Wenger, I agree 100%. “WENGER OUT THE SOONER THE BETTER

  2. junky

    wengers latest comments sadly show he hasnt got a clue what the arsenal is about. 1 restult doesnt make a season. the money is not your arsene, the club is not your arsene. the club is the arsenal and belongs to the fans. without you, the club would do better. without the fans, the club would fold.

  3. Tawanda

    I think Wenger made a deal with the Devil to give him 4th place so as long as we have Wenger we are glued to 4th place like a fly fallen in a pot of honey. Why is it that when other teams are doing badly we also do just enough to secure 4th place and when teams are doing well we also adjust to maintain 4th place

  4. Chairman Gallant

    Wenger should go now that that there is still some element of ovation, otherwise soon, very soon there will be no ovation at all. He will simply be booted out.

  5. frank

    look! I think the fans should do something more serious like not showing up in a match to protest this wenger’s stubbornness to leave the club in peace or does he want to die in the club? it’s clear we no longer want him, let him walk

  6. Sudz90

    “Loyal fanbase deserves better”.. lol, loyal would be the last word I’d use to describe you lot..
    If turning up in the stadium just to boo the players and the manager whilst the game is in progress is what you’d call loyalty, then hell yeah, this club has the most loyal fans in the premiership!

  7. Ukesox

    Wenger can’t have failed to notice that the chant of “there’s only one Arsene Wenger”, which was once enthusiastically sung at all games home & away, pretty much disappeared 3 years ago, & that must really hurt. What I don’t understand is that if it was just a case of bringing in a couple more world class players to raise the level of the team & restore his standing with the supporters he surely would have done it. He must realize that failure to improve the team in recent years will cloud what should be a great legacy when he leaves. All I can think is that he’s not being allowed to spend or (more likely), with the club being UK & European “also rans”, he can’t get the players he want’s or needs. The biggest problem facing AFC is not necessarily Wenger but that the Board is weak & the effective owner, is only interested in AFC as a “sports franchise” i.e an investment. Even if Wenger goes the underlying problem will remain.

  8. Sande Ambrose Odongo

    True, we are tired of same comment from Mr. Wenger. I know he defends Arsenal board instead of speaking the truth to us. Arsenal is a club that currently does not value fans/supporters but think of making their own money, forgetting it is fans/supporters who brings them the money, their most like.
    How can Arsenal fail to sign a world class striker last summer? Lame Wenger exuse,they were not in the market. IBRAHIMOVIC has been available, Wenger and Baord still failed to lure him from PSG in January.
    Since they don’t value us by making us happy to watch the type of players we want, winning game by game any more, lets watch from TV set at home so that they get billions from opposition team.

  9. Philbet

    They sing “we love you Arsenal” and I’m Arsenal til I die” but apparently what they really mean is,I do, if you sack the manager, sell the shite (all),players and start winning all the games and leagues/cups, preferably 6-0 or better, shallow false and frauds the club would be far better off if the moaners and groaners f****d off

    1. Right wing

      Guys Àrsene did well over the years so are we gonna let this one season of FloCKUps weakened our support and strength ? Hey he was told to spend BIG ! Let’s see what that will look like shall we ?

  10. swr

    How about having a pop at the players instead of giving Wenger all the flack, true he picks the team and should take some blame but its the players that are not doing the job on the pitch.If the players are not scoring from the chances they get is not Wengers fault. If they cant do the job sack them


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